The new season "Love After Lockup" just started on WE and now the fans are wondering about how the couple Johnna and Garrett are doing. This couple seems to get along great with each other. They dated for four years before he got out of prison and they were able to start living together.

What are rumors about these two?

So it turns out that Starcasm thinks that they aren't together anymore, even though they don't know that for sure. A post on Reddit from user jclgrace talked about how she knows that they aren't together because she met Johnna at a bar and didn't even realize who she was at the time.

This woman says that Johnna told her all about how her man had changed and wasn't the person he was before. She also talked about how she wasn't getting married anymore. She went on to say that her friend still talks to Johnna on SnapChat and that Garrett wasn't with her on the premiere night of the show.

So what did Johnna have to say about it?

She actually replied to the post about this on Twitter and wanted to make sure that everyone knew this wasn't true at all. She even told Starcasm that she hopes they didn't pay for this information. The thing is she didn't give them any proof that they are married or still together and doing well. Maybe she just didn't want the show to get spoiled.

One thing is that they aren't posting pictures of each other on social networks lately.

That does make everyone wonder a bit. Back on December 23, there is a video that looks like it is Johnna and Garrett dressed up as Santa. There are pics of her on New Years that show her without a ring on at all. This looks like she could be single, but who knows with these two. The fans are going to have to wait for it.

For now, the fans are just going to have to wait and see what is going on with this couple.

If they are dating or married still, then they aren't proving it. Things aren't looking good, but it is all going to be a mystery at least until the finale. Hopefully, they will give a big update when the show comes to an end on WE. Normally, these shows end up having a reunion or update at the end so that is when we should all find out the truth about these two.

Do you think that there is a chance that Johnna and Garrett are still together? Do you feel like any of these couples will last? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Love After Lockup" when it airs on Fridays on WE. This show is from the same producers as the hit show "90 Day Fiance."