The grand team-up between Marvel and Netflix comes to an end soon, when the third and final season of “Jessica Jones,” their last remaining collaborative series, premieres on the platform next month. Once it runs through, all ties between the superhero brand and the streaming giant are finally done with.

To get things pumped up with the audience for this last rodeo, Netflix has put up a trailer for this farewell season to “Jessica Jones” and the entire sub-franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on this streaming service. The voiceover of lead star Krysten Ritter appropriately notes that “everybody has a story,” with that story having a beginning (season 1), middle (2) and end (3).

Jessica faces the ‘Fool-killer’

As Comic Book Resources reports, in a serious running gag that the series keeps bringing up since it started, the trailer for the last season of Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” again reiterates that the titular super-powered private eye is no hero. That was proven by Jessica’s (Ritter) past as a mind-controlled thrall of the first-season bad guy, the greatest ghost of her haunted past. This time, however, the new primary antagonist latches on her self-depreciation and weaponizes it, by calling her more names like “cheat” and “fool” for having super-powers to beat whoever might cross her.

That comes from the mouth of Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb), a dangerous private crusader with a grudge against Jessica.

Marvel Comics scholars would recognize him as one of the various people to use the super-villain identity of Fool-killer, a reactionary serial murderer. Whether or not he also has the comic version’s “purification ray” matter-disintegrating gun or any similar weapon on the Netflix show has yet to be determined. Jessica finds herself having to contend against Salinger with some unwanted help from her recently empowered half-sister Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor).

But will it be enough to beat a mastermind smarter than the two of them together?

Jessica struggles to be a hero

Entertainment Weekly has it that “Jessica Jones"' series creator and show-runner, Melissa Rosenberg describes the current circumstances of the main character as trying to be more accepting of her powers and the use of them as a straight-up hero.

The big thorn in her planned direction according to Rosenberg is, as stated above, the dangerously unhinged Salinger, who is offended by Jessica’s very existence especially by the accidental nature of her powers, rather than something she worked for to gain. The fact that Salinger is a client of Jess’ erstwhile ally Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Ann Moss) only complicates the matter further.

Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” also stars Eka Darville, Rebecca de Mornay, Benjamin Walker, Sarita Choudhury, and Jessica Frances Dukes. The final season will be released on Netflix this coming July 14.