"General Hospital" (GH) rumours say that Shiloh's gonna be in big trouble. Drew could be the key to destroying the evil Archer. The DoD leader begins to lose power, while his enemies increase more and more. According to Celebrating the soaps, in the next episodes of the soap opera aired on ABC, fans will discover that Shiloh has a dark secret kept in his past. Drew will investigate Archer and learn what it is about. Most likely, Shiloh had already confessed the secret that could knock it down forever to Drew and forget it. Other interesting "General Hospital" rumours concern Ryan's storyline who, after being operated on with a deception, has discovered that he has one less kidney.

His twin brother has organized this gruesome plan to help Jordan find a compatible kidney donor. Finally, we'll see Josslyn approaching Cameron, the guy who will help her overcome Oscar Nero's death. In this regard, however, Kim will no longer be able to recover. The woman collapsed into Drew's arms, minimizing her sickness. However, recent rumours have suggested that Kim is getting into trouble. Oscar's mother will try to suffocate the grief of grief by misusing drugs, and we can't rule out Kim also trying to take her own life.

'General Hospital': Shiloh in big trouble

"General Hospital" rumours say things are gonna get pretty bad for Archer. The head of the DoD woke up in the hospital, but there was no one next to him.

Margaux, in fact, decided not to be on his side anymore. In addition, Margaux is preparing a lawsuit against him. However, DoD followers could get down to work to destroy the evidence that fragments Shiloh, making Margaux's work completely useless.

According to Margaux and Sam, Shiloh hides something compromising in his past.

If this secret comes to light, the head of the DoD will be thrown down forever. The key to discovering Shiloh's big secret seems to be hidden in the Quartermaine family.

Drew against Shiloh in upcoming 'General Hospital' episodes

The situation is not so simple. Drew didn't know Shiloh when Oscar Nero was conceived. But we know that Archer doesn't have a good relationship with alcohol.

According to the assumptions of Celebrating the soaps, Shiloh may have confessed something compromising to Drew when he was drunk. Oscar's father, however, may not have taken his words seriously.

What is certain is that that secret will soon come to light. Will Drew remember what Shiloh told him so long ago? We can't rule out the possibility that Shiloh, once he finds out that Drew can set him up, will take revenge on Kim. The woman, already devastated by the pain of Oscar's death, is easily manipulated and could fall into the trap of the DoD.