Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" say that the Fisher's have returned to Genoa City pretty much deranged and unhinged. Their hatred for Adam has resurfaced since they found out that he has returned from the dead. Their shared grief over Delia's death, Chloe's mental illness, and Kevin's tendencies towards the dark side may push the couple over the edge. She has already shot Adam, and he kidnapped Phyllis, but how far are they willing to go? Spoilers tease that they will be thorns in the side of Victor Newman's namesake and willing to face his father's wrath in their desire to take him down.

It's possible, that the "Chipmunk" and the crazy one might just succeed.

Kevin and Chloe are unhinged

"Y&R" viewers already know that Kevin stuck a needle in Phyllis, and is holding her hostage and that his wife shot Adam without provocation. They came back to Genoa City with vengeance on their minds, and Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that it will continue. The Fisher's are in a sort of Mexican standoff with the prodigal Newman, and no one wants to give in. CDL says Chloe will be released and visit Phyllis and make her some type of offer which probably involves taking Adam down.

Crazy Chloe will be walking around Genoa City as if she has not a care in the world when she is supposed to be dead. “Y&R” spoilers say that her bizarre antics are what pull her husband back to the dark side.

The duo will seemingly never let up on the man who ran down Delia and left her on the side of the road. The Fishers are willing to risk imprisonment, Victor’s wrath, and alienating their loved ones all for the sake of revenge. Michael even warned his brother on Monday that his lousy behavior could cost him Delia, but the Chipmunk did not really hear what was said, He and his spouse have chosen to go to the dark side and are not thinking about possible consequences.

Chloe and Kevin take on Adam big time

The Fishers and Victor’s prodigal son have just returned to Genoa City, so “Y&R” viewers know that this trio is not going anywhere any time soon. Soap Dirt reveals that the Newman patriarch has a rare blood disorder and will need a bone marrow transplant. The spoiler teases that Adam may be the only match and have to save his father’s life.

Will the Fishers pause their vendetta until after the surgery, probably not?

Adam will be in over his head, communicating with his secret accomplice, plotting with Phyllis, and taunting Nick and Victoria. All the while seeking custody of Christian, romancing Sharon and donating bone marrow to his dad. In the midst, he must deal with Crazy Chloe, who has now tried to kill him three times. Kevin used to attempt to reign in his unhinged spouse, but now he is joining her in her quest for revenge.

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