"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that Ryan will be kidnapped to save Jordan, while Harmony will be in danger. So many twists and turns await us in the soap opera aired on ABC. Jordan's health is falling. If the girl doesn't find a compatible kidney soon, she'll die soon. The only donor available is Ryan, but the man has refused to undergo a kidney transplant. In the next episodes of "General Hospital," an unexpected event will change everything. Other spoilers reveal that Harmony will get into trouble. Someone will probably try to bribe her to get to Shiloh and destroy the DoD sect.

What will happen?

Someone Kidnaps Ryan Chamberlain

As we are seeing in these episodes, Jordan's health condition is deteriorating progressively. The girl, who is in hospital waiting for a kidney transplant, is turning off. Her family seems to have lost hope. The only compatible kidney donor is Ryan Chamberlain, but he did not agree to undergo surgery to save Jordan. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that someone will hunt down Ryan Chamberlain and inject him with a mysterious substance that will cause him a heart attack. The aim is to take Ryan to the hospital and force him into surgery.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry hypothesis, Curtis could be responsible for the assault on Ryan.

Curtis has done everything in his power to find a compatible donor for Jordan and has no intention of giving up. Will Curtis be drugging Ryan and kidnapping him?

Harmony is in danger

Other interesting "General Hospital" spoilers say that Dr. Kevin will decide to keep his brother hidden from Ferncliff instead of alerting the police.

Kevin would like Ryan to donate his kidney to Jordan. A generous gesture on his part would undoubtedly be the first step in repairing the harm done so far. Consequently, it could also be Dr. Collins who drugged Ryan and kidnapped him. Another character who can do such a thing is Dr. Finn, who has the right medication to cause Ryan to collapse.

What is certain is that Kevin's brother will be kidnapped and that he will be in serious danger, what will happen to him?

After Ryan's kidnapping, Jordan will receive good news. The doctors have found a compatible kidney. She and her friend Stella will be happy and promise to celebrate together after the surgery. Meanwhile, someone will hunt down Harmony, intending to use her as bait and get to the head of the DoD sect. The girl gets into trouble and asks Shiloh for desperate help. Will the evil Archer save Harmony? We'll know from the next exciting "General Hospital" spoilers.