"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that Drew will face a new drama after Oscar's death. Drew and Kim have just returned from their mission in Kilimanjaro, where they scattered the ashes of their son, who died tragically from brain cancer. Kim will plunge into pain, endangering her own life. Most likely, the doctor will end up abusing drugs or, even worse, attempting suicide. The problems are certainly not over. According to the rumors of 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry' in fact, Drew will discover that Scout may not be his daughter. The news will shock him not a little.

Meanwhile, Port Charles will tremble after Nelle Benson's surprise arrival, ready to take revenge and implement his plan. Crazy Nelle' will form an alliance with Shiloh who, in return, will ask her to prove her loyalty. It is therefore not excluded that Nelle may become part of the DoD.

'General Hospital': Sam may have been artificially inseminated

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Drew, after Oscar's death, will focus on his wife and Scout, hoping to find some relief. However, a twist will disrupt the man's intentions. Scout could be Jason's daughter! As we know, in the past episodes of "GH", there was an exchange of cradles by Helena in Caesar. The two have kidnapped a child to give it to Caesar's brother.

However, their plan may not have worked. As a result, Sam may have gotten pregnant to avoid any kind you suspect.

For the rest, the short relationship between Drew and Sam did not allow Faison to implement her plan. A plausible assumption is that Sam was drugged while Drew was away from Port Charles to carry out some business work.

In this way, Faison could have safely made artificial insemination to Sam, making her get pregnant with Jason.

The truth about the exchange of cradles in the next episodes of 'General Hospital' arrives

Other "General Hospital" spoilers say that Jason will start investigating and will come to find out where the documents proving the exchange of the cradles in Faison's possession are located.

In addition, Peter is aware of Faison's plan to get to the twinning exchange. Despite everything, Jason would be thrilled to know that Scout is actually his daughter. Moreover, this fact could excite the fans of the couple 'JaSam,' who would discover that they have a daughter.

Meanwhile, Nelle will find an ally to escape from prison and return to Port Charles more aggressively than ever. According to the assumptions of 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry,' this dangerous and powerful character could be Shiloh Archer himself. The head of the DoD, however, will not work for free and will demand a generous reward from Nelle. The woman will be so in the hands of Archer, and we imagine that she ends up falling into the trap of the DoD, tied for life to the sect that sows terror in the city. We will know more with the next "General Hospital" spoilers.