"General Hospital" (GH) latest spoilers ensure incredible twists in the summer months, primarily the return of Hayden, which will terrify Port Charles. Shiloh Archer will discover the truth about Wiley and, at the same time, prepare an act of new revenge against Sam. Meanwhile, "Crazy Nelle" gets out of prison and forges a dangerous alliance with Harmony. This suggests that Nelle Benson will be dealing with the DoD. Carly will have problems with her pregnancy, while Josslyn will make Cameron suffer, who will feel betrayed by Oscar Nero's ex-girlfriend.

And again, Kim's state of mind will deteriorate further, as she will dangerously bind herself to Shiloh and her sect.

Hayden's return and a wedding

In the next "General Hospital" episodes to be aired on ABC, there will be the unexpected return of characters that we have not seen for a long time. In this way, new interesting storylines will be kicked off. Hayden will be back in the cast soon. Obviously, we know that she's not motivated by good intentions and that she'll cause a lot of trouble to those connected to her. Franco and Elizabeth will finally get married, but their marriage will bring an unwelcome surprise. The long-awaited wedding can be seen in the episode of "General Hospital" on July 8.

Other "General Hospital" spoilers say that Will will finally be able to find his secret child. However, Hamilton will mess up the plans and, faced with this truth, will see his life completely changed.

Hamilton will discover a medical mystery, as the child is suffering from a serious illness. Dr. Monica will be informed of this situation and will try to do everything possible to ensure that the child does not have the same fate as the unfortunate Oscar.

Shiloh discovers the truth

Other "General Hospital" spoilers say that Shiloh will continue to be hunted down by Jason, who has no intention of letting him escape. Sam will be in danger again. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, in fact, we know that Shiloh is still furious for failing to complete Sam's initiation rite. As a result, the DoD's chief will take yet another revenge.

He will design the prison escape and, later, he will make a dangerous alliance with Harmony.

In addition, Shiloh and Willow will understand that Wiley is not their biological child. Shiloh's reaction will be tremendous. Josslyn has a new loveJosslyn will bind to Dev, causing Cameron's jealousy. The young girl can't stay close to Cameron because it reminds her too much of Oscar, even though she has feelings for him. Who will she choose? Carly won't have a good time either, as she will continue to spend sleepless nights and have problems of some importance concerning her difficult pregnancy. To find out how these storylines will evolve, do not miss the next "General Hospital" spoilers