"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that the next two weeks in Port Charles will be full of drama and Harmony and her daughter will be in the center of much of it. The woman who adopted Willow will return from Beechers Corners and try to gain access to her grandchild. Harmony is desperate to stay in Shiloh's good graces and she does not believe her daughter miscarried. The cult leader is also skeptical that his baby died and determined to find out the facts. He will no doubt manipulate both mother and daughter in order to get the answers he desires.

After all, each of them was initiated into the Dawn of Day Trust.

Harmony brings trouble to 'GH'

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt both report that Harmony will be back in Port Charles sometime within the next two weeks. She is determined to find out if Willow is telling the truth about her baby. Spoilers say she will harass her adopted daughter and try to force her to divulge where the child really is. “General Hospital” viewers already know that the woman who raised Willow is the most devoted of the members of Dawn of Day. She allowed Shiloh to drug and r*pe her daughter and bring her into his inner circle.

Harmony is probably more concerned with presenting Shiloh’s child to him than she is with being a grandmother.

She has shown no remorse for allowing the cult leader to abuse her daughter. She also has no problem with the way her leader initiates women into the trust. Willow will now have her mother coming at her while Nina and Shiloh are harassing her as well. Harmony has no idea of the trauma her daughter has dealt with or that she is making things worse.

“GH” spoilers also suggest that the school teacher’s adoptive mom may be coming back to Port Charles for another reason.

Harmony may have proof Willow is Nina’s daughter

Spoilers suggest that Cynthia Wartros may be stepping into the role of Nina as the truth unfolds that Sasha is not her biological daughter. It is believed that Harmony may be in possession of the locket, half which would prove Willow is the child Madeline gave away.

There has been no hint, however, of how the situation will unfold. When “General Hospital” finally reveals the truth, Willow and Shiloh will know their son is dead and Ms. Tate will need much moral support.

The question now will be whether or not Harmony will continue to support the DoD founder or if she will exhibit any motherly concern for her daughter?Spoilers indicate that Nelle Benson will pretend to be sick and escape custody soon, so this is another sign that baby swap is about to come to light. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching “General Hospital” weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.