Dolly Parton has done it all in music, movies, and in life. The legendary lady of Country Music has allowed her wealth of experience and hard work to become guiding forces in her life. At 73, Dolly Parton is still a dynamo in directing all aspects of her career and her charity outreaches, such as her My People Fund and her global literacy initiative, Imagination Library.

Thanks to her energy and ever-willing heart, victims of the 2016 wildfires across the Smoky Mountains had stipends to make a new start after losing everything. As of last month, over 120 million books have been mailed directly to preschoolers all over the world, sparking the adventure that unfolds through the pages of a story or a true chronicle.

On top of her charitable ventures, Dolly Parton has a new deal with Sony for her massive catalog, and no plans to slow down on any of her creative endeavors.

Dolly Parton is known for rising very early. She may be closing deals or catching up on correspondence long before dawn. The superstar, known for her smile and trademark sparkle, also makes time to wash her face every morning, as reported by ABC and BANG Showbiz via MSN on June 6, but while she sleeps at night, Dolly wants her makeup intact.

Still keeping her style in a crisis

Just as she developed a habit of waking early when she was growing up in Sevier County, TN is one of 12 children and constantly working parents, Dolly Parton saw the value of staying prepared, whether it was to help a neighbor in need or being able to fix her father's truck.

Dolly knows that cameras and social media track every move these days, and she wants to look good in case of crisis.

“We never know if you're going to wreck the bus,” or have the ordeal “be somewhere in a hotel, and there's fire,” Parton relates. Heaven forbid that such circumstance should come Dolly's way, but should the songstress have to make her way down a fire ladder, every hair and every trace of eyeliner will be in place.

Parton also ensures that she has much less of a chance of being involved in a plane mishap as she prefers her tour bus, whenever possible. Her childhood memories make her needs on the road very simple.

Snacks and softness

Dolly recalls that even during vacations that she would take with her family, having simple things, like a “good pillow” and preferred snacks add to overall comfort for everyone, and lessen needs for frequent and costly stops.

When tour stops take Dolly overseas, she has a supply of those good pillows and snacks that might not be on foreign supermarket shelves.

Vacation plans will never persuade Dolly to take a ride on any of the attractions at Dollywood. “I've got too much to lose,” the stellar songwriter insists, citing her wigs and shoes. She playfully teases that she prefers that “some man mess it up,” referring to her coif, “I don't want some ride doing it.”

A dash of Tabasco spices up any cuisine and some down-home favorites always make the trip.

A favorite food of Dolly Parton’s is potted meat, as well as “weird things, like Vienna sausage.” She shared that another of her weaknesses is potatoes in an interview with Kathie Lee Gifford.

Along with her knack for whipping up terrific songs, she loves to cook for her husband of over 50 years, Carl Dean, when the two are at home.

Simple tastes and straight honesty go with Dolly Parton's beauty, night and morning, inside and out.