Eric Braeden has once again gone to battle with Twitter users who are attacking one of his castmates from "The Young and the Restless." The 78-year-old actor recently defended Laura Lee Bell after some in the Twitterverse utilized the social media platform to make disparaging comments regarding her acting skills. Now the man who has portrayed Victor Newman for 38 years is defending his views of Mark Grossman who just stepped into the role of his TV son Adam. Viewers are divided regarding Grossman's portrayal of the prodigal Newman and some who prefer Michael Muhney in the role blame, Braeden, for playing a part in the actor being fired.

Eric Braeden stands his ground

Eric Braeden often stands up for himself and others against social media bullies who hide behind a screen and recently stood his ground yet again. Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting an exchange on Twitter related to the veteran actor and his co-star Mark Grossman. Some Y&R” viewers were longing for Michael Muhney to return to the role of Adam Newman and blamed the man who portrays his TV dad Victor. Soap Dirt says many fans of the CBS daytime drama believe Grossman has nailed it like the prodigal son, but others don’t agree and say Braden is to blame.

Mark Grossman is the fourth actor to come to Genoa City Adam Newman and his TV dad Eric Braeden is praising his work.

CDL says Braeden responded on Twitter by saying he had praised Michael Muhney’s acting skills as well and did not have the power to cause him to lose his job. The spoiler also reported the soap Veteran as telling Twitter users that they were not there when Muhney was fired and had no idea what took place behind closed doors.

Eric Braden sets the record straight

Eric Braeden gives as good as he gets on Twitter and does not back down from the haters. Years ago disgruntled Soap fans could only write letters, but the Internet allows free reign for hate as well as misunderstandings. Michael Muhney was let go from “Y&R”.shortly after Hunter King, who portrays Summer Newman said he touched her inappropriately.

Muhney has maintained his innocence, and no other cast members have spoken out about the situation. Twitter Users obviously believe Braeden wilds the same power over his place of employment as Victor does over Genoa City,

Eric Braeden addressed this issue in his book, “I'll Be Damned.” He said there was an actor on” Y&R” who parked in his personal parking spot and told other cast members he would one day be greater than the man who portrays Victor Newman. Braden did not call the actor by name but added that the man had been accused of something by another person who was part of the show. To date, Hunter King accusing Michael Muhney is the only such situation that has been brought forth publicly.