The upcoming DC adaptation 'Joker' film will indeed receive an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. This solo film takes on the legendary villain and is being spearheaded by filmmaker Todd Phillips, who suggested a gritty Joker film, in the style of "Taxi Driver," with a major movie star in the title role.

Miller managed to land Joaquin Phoenix to play the lead role. As the trailer dropped, fans were shocked to see something that was more of a Scorsese than your normal comic book adaptation. Phillips is turning the film towards the drama territory.

While the film was being rumored to receive an R-rating, Warner Bros. could have changed their mind and alter the film in post-production in order to draw in a wider audience.

Warner Bros. moving forward with 'Joker' R rating

We now know Warner Bros. has decided to move forward with the R-rating. Phillips took to Instagram and shared a new photo of Phoenix as the Joker, while also confirming that 'Joker' will receive an R rating. This isn’t the first “serious” R-rated take on a comic book story. 'Logan' managed to find itself into the drama arena, while also earning an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

'Joker' is a different take, it's not a continuing story of an existing character or franchise.

'Suicide Squad' villain Joker is not part of Phillips' Joker world. We also don't know if any superheroes will be a part of the 'Joker' universe. Phillip's film is focused on telling an origin story for the most iconic villain in the DC universe, without forcing a multi-film contract on actor such as Joaquin Phoenix. It's also been rumored that this film will have a close-ended story, meaning everything will receive closure by the end of the film.

First time Warner Bros. could see success from an R-rated comic book film

Depending on how well this film does, it could convince Warner Bros. to make more one-off adaptations that could draw in more high caliber talent, who may otherwise be against the traditional superhero films. "Joker" has a release date of October 4th.

Phillips confirmed the rating after a fan asked him through Instagram.

He assumed people knew about the rating. While Phillips believes it will be an R-rated film, the MPAA is the group that issues an official rating. "Joker" is also a change for Tod Phillips, who is known for directing comedies such as "The Hangover," and others. "Joker" will also star Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron, and Frances Conroy.

ScreenRant is reporting that "Joker" may earn the R-rating because of unclad scenes involving minor female roles. The inclusion of this on any level would push Joker into an R-rating. If this turns out to be true, "Joker" would become the latest comic book movie to earn the R rating. While Marvel has seen success from the R-rated movement, Warner Bros. and DC have so far not entered into the R rating movement.