Dylan Dreyer opened the June 18 third hour of “Today” with her characteristic smile. She warmly introduced guest co-host, Jacob Soboroff, as simply “Jake.” The NBC and MSNBC journalist has been widely recognized and awarded for his coverage of the immigrant crisis at the border, but Soboroff’s time on this later hour of “Today” calls for a lighter tone, and he willingly subjects himself to comparisons with the animated paperclip office assistant from Windows. Dylan did not partake of any paperclip comparisons, but she did pivot the conversation to a sport of royal heritage.

Dylan Dreyer personifies the All-American girl type, and proudly extols her roots in Manalapan, New Jersey. The meteorologist turned her attention across the pond to the UK this morning, demonstrating her preparedness as part of NBC's team of correspondents covering the races at Royal Ascot from today through Saturday.

The mom, wife, and meteorologist is nothing if not adaptable. Her coverage at this year’s Kentucky Derby demonstrated her fanciful side, getting her familiar with Southern charm and style, along with the essential fascinator for the head, which was lovely on Dreyer.

This morning, Dylan Dreyer was up on all the proper protocol for the order of the royal carriages and even nailed proper pronunciation.

She already has a history of sorts with the Queen, so who can tell what may happen during this visit.

Saying it right

The first order of business was to enunciate the stately hallmark in British racing tradition correctly. Dylan Dreyer rightly commented that the English say “As-cut.” That detail was easy for the Northeast girl, who knew from her time in Boston that Worcester, Massachusetts was simply “Wusta” to locals.

Sheinelle Jones scored style points. She correctly guessed that Queen Elizabeth II would choose a lavender ensemble for this year. Sheinelle chose the color because it had never been worn by the oldest living royal matriarch. For the past five years, vibrant and neon hues have dominated pastels for Her Majesty at the event.

Dylan Dreyer didn't express much regret about a royal “photobomb” incident from two years ago, with the Queen wearing neon green.

She happened to be standing outside of a room where the Queen was receiving guests. The most beloved member of the royal family had her back turned, so she never saw Dylan trying for her selfie with the Queen. Security certainly did catch the sneaky camera shot, and Dreyer was swiftly escorted to a more secluded area. Still, she has quite the memento for her trouble.

The Queen’s favorite

When Dylan Dreyer was asked if anything familiar to Americans equates with Royal Ascot, she said: “it's as if the Kentucky Derby and the Royal Wedding had a baby.”

The Queen has not missed attending the races at Royal Ascot, since 1945, and she unabashedly tells anyone in her close circle that this week of sporting is her favorite in the whole year.

72 years is a long time of proving oneself as a true fan. The king and queen of the Netherlands rode in the Queen's carriage this morning, along with the Duke of York. Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, rode next with Prince Charles and Camilla. Kate also opted for lavender tones. Princess Diana wore some of her most striking wardrobe choices at the annual occasion. No one could miss the jovial smiles and laughter from the 93-year-old racing fan ruler that was not apparent in the recent State visit for the US president.

The first day of racing and Ladies Day, which is Thursday, are most popular. Dylan Dreyer is set to arrive in England tomorrow night and will book bets for her broadcast cohorts for the big day.

The forecast is regally warm for this seasoned host who wears many hats, going from the pool to the eye of the storm. She's bound to have fun watching the ponies and the princes, too.