Father's Day fervor was rampant across morning TV on June 14, and the Today show was no exception. From foods that please practically every father’s palate to last-minute and kid-created gifts, the big day was covered. The third hour of Today started with a topic that made a perfect subject matter for millions of dads, too. The NBA Finals, that came down to four points and the final minutes before the Toronto Raptors took their first-ever championship title, were enticing for anyone listening. Some fathers may be hoping to open new Raptors gear as gifts, while others may be in mourning for the loss of Golden State’s dynasty.

Host and busy wife and mom, Sheinelle Jones, mentioned that she was home from a late evening just in time to see the finish of the game. She was up on all the sports details of conversation at the table, but she could not have imagined what was in store for her and Dylan Dreyer in short order. The anticipated Father's Day fashion show became a surprise family reunion, with daddies most welcome.

Starting the strut

Al Roker and cohort, Craig Melvin, made the first runway dash. Al donned a colorful floral Hawaiian-style shirt from Old Navy, complimented by salmon-colored shorts and shoes from Target. Craig is known for his own all-business approach to reporting at both NBC and MSNBC, but for whatever reason, the serious-minded journalist jaunted playfully down the green carpet.

He even took a model’s spin, rhetorically asking, “Aren't you supposed to do that?”

Regarding the Today set, Dylan Dreyer said, “This is the nicest backyard I’ve sat in, in a while." Fashion expert, Melissa Garcia concurred with Sheinelle Jones that the key for men is to look “effortless” in summer wear.

The surprise that came next for Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones was anything but effortless.

Planning, secrecy, and down-to-the-minute coordination were involved in getting the Today hosts a delightful surprise to start their Father's Day weekend.

My favorite men

Next, representing the “real men can wear white” movement, Uche Ojeh, devoted husband to Sheinelle Jones, and Brian Fichera, Dylan Dreyer's other half, strolled out, seeming to have the time of their lives in surprising their wives.

Ojeh exuded the fashion-cool vibe with his navy suit coat over a casual but crisp linen shirt. His look was probably perfectly fine for his work in consulting, but it’s much more fun to get a jumpstart on lunch, and the weekend, with his hosting wife.

Brian is a studio technician at NBC, and even though he sees Dylan every day on the job, he looked overjoyed in lifting his stylish shoes high and greeting her with a smile. His deep teal shirt was also a perfect fit.

“What's on your wrist?” Dylan Dreyer asked her husband. “I'm a bracelet guy now,” he responded to his wife from the green runway.

Both Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer rose to give their hubbies hugs and kisses. What came next was the wheel Father's Day gift.

From the second that Dylan saw her dad, Jim, she could not contain her joy and ran to him with the kind of excitement that only a daughter can have. She showed the same enthusiasm in our hometown visit.

“I'm sorry you guys didn't get that reaction,” she apologized to the spouses, admitting that “I'm not even paying attention.”

She did pay attention and extend greetings to C. Darnell Jones, a highly-respected judge. What amazed Sheinelle Jones most was seeing her dad wearing jeans. He told the stylists that he had not worn denim since eighth grade.

The dads looked great in their light-weight bomber jackets, and the husbands held their own for their entre into fashion, but the surprise for their ladies and daughters was the most delectable treat.