Current James Bond actor, Daniel Craig is getting ready to return to action in filming the still-untitled 25th Bond film, which will also be his final appearance as the suave yet deadly competent British Agent 007. Work on the movie had stalled after the star sustained an ankle injury doing a stunt in May that required some surgery.

And there is probably no better way for Craig to announce that he is ready to resume filming “Bond 25” than to undergo physical training to become fit again. Even though his ankle is still recovering, the actor is not skimping on his physical conditioning.

Craig returns from surgery

Bond 25” from EON Productions has actually been resuming its principal photography since earlier this June, but the status of Daniel Craig following his ankle injury and subsequent surgery was not made clear until this Sunday, June 16, according to USA Today. That was when the 51-year-old actor was photographed getting busy on an exercise machine in the UK’s Pinewood Studios, home to the “James Bond” films. Also clearly seen in the photo shown on the official 007 Instagram page, is Craig’s injured left foot. It's encased in a plastic harness, so the star could safely do his exercises while the ankle continues its rehab.

The injury in recovery is but the latest of production injuries that Craig has endured playing the role of James Bond in four past Movies over a casting period eclipsed only by Roger Moore.

For almost every Craig-era 007 film there was a telling blow on the lead star. He broke two teeth working on his 2006 debut in “Casino Royale.” Two years later, one fingertip was cut during the production of “Quantum of Solace.” In “Spectre” (2015) Craig sprained a knee during a fight scene, though he has gamely received all these career injuries as part of the risks portraying Bond.

Bond 25 has a troubled production

Aside from Daniel Craig’s ankle, there have been other mishaps during the making of “Bond 25” that have resulted in delays and such. The Express recalls several incidents such as how the movie’s original director, Danny Boyle departed from the project citing creative differences with EON. The 007 movies’ exterior stage lot at Pinewood Studios also sustained some explosion damage earlier this month due to another risky stunt gone wrong, resulting in a film crewman sustaining a minor injury.

Initial info about the 25th James Bond film would have Craig’s Agent 007 on a Caribbean vacation when he is thrust into a CIA operation to locate a missing scientist that balloons into yet another threat with global consequences. Rami Malek stars as the movie’s antagonist. Cary Fukunaga directs “Bond 25,” which releases in April 2020.