Erin Krakow and her “When Calls the Heart” castmates are taking a short respite now that Season 6 of Hallmark’s centerpiece drama has concluded. The season finale left loyal fans hanging on to see if Erin Krakow’s Elizabeth would keep dancing with Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) into her new future or follow the path of her gaze for Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry).

Whether Erin Krakow is shooting “When Calls the Heart” in Vancouver or soaking up some sun and waves with family in Florida, she keeps her calendar handy for a good reason. The leading lady never misses a birthday among her “When Calls the Heart” family on social media, and usually manages to do something special if friends are available in person, too.

The past few days have been bursting with birthdays for Erin Krakow to keep track of, but she was particularly loving and playful with the lovely Pascale Hutton, who portrays Rosemary Coulter. Rosemary is not only a guardian to Elizabeth's beautiful son, baby Jack but also the most spirited cheerleader that Hope Valley could ever dream to have.

June 14 was more than Flag Day for Erin Krakow and Pascale Hutton, it was a day to celebrate Hutton’s birthday and the genuine friendship between the co-stars that all began with what might have been a very short stay.

Lovely in any setting

Pascale Hutton first came to Coal Valley as Rosemary LeVeaux, the actress from the East with aspirations for the big stage and getting back her fiancé, Jack Thornton.

Initially, her entrance into community life was contentious, even with Jack's dog, especially when she realized that her betrothed had found love with Elizabeth Thatcher.

Ultimately, Rosemary realized that Elizabeth was the truly intended love for Jack, and the community came to value her talents and energy far above her tendencies for over-involvement in her fellow citizens’ affairs.

She just cares a little too much. Still, anyone would be blessed to have Rosemary as a friend. In times of need, she is the one who steps up sacrifices for the good of others. She found her match of destiny with Leland Coulter.

Erin Krakow extols Pascale as “one of my truest friends” in one post, depicting Hutton in period attire from “When Calls the Heart” and standing peacefully under a greenery-lined arbor.

Complimenting the pose, several photos of the friends depict their warm connection. Krakow praises Pascale in many ways, and finally, says it all with "Thank you for being my friend."

Pascale Hutton grew up with free-spirited parents who largely fended for themselves and their family in Ontario. Her upbringing around lakes and forests would certainly have served her well in Hope Valley, and certainly gives her a perspective in authenticity.

Hutton shared a moving tribute to her late mother on Mother's Day. She is a mom to two sons of her own with husband, Danny Dorosh.

A breezy birthday

Erin Krakow couldn't resist sharing one more moment of Pascale Hutton. This time, the Canadian actress seemed like she was ready for her modeling shoot, letting her hair blow freely from the blowing fan in a video clip. Krakow couldn't keep herself from closing with the caption: “one of your biggest ‘fans.’”

The deep relationship between the “When Calls the Heart” friends and professionals is destined to grow deeper on the drama.

Rosemary and Lee (Kavan Smith) are longing for their own family. The characters are set to crossover on the new Hallmark video-on-demand series, “When Hope Calls” which premieres in August. A storyline centered on a child from the orphanage in Brookfield seems destined for the couple, who face fears of never having a biological child.

The gift of a family can happen in many ways, and a hit Hallmark drama can create loving bonds on-screen and in real life.