Spoiler alerts for The Bold and the Beautiful” tease that trouble is brewing as the baby switch reveal draws nigh. Thomas has been spiraling out of control and now he is about to transition from creepy and dangerous to downright deadly. Celeb Dirty Laundry is suggesting that Xander will pose a threat as he is the main one saying the truth should be revealed about Beth being Phoebe. Head writer Brad Bell has confirmed that a character will die this summer and spoilers say the Forrester heir will snap and murder Maya’s cousin,.This seems a little too obvious so it could be someone else, or even Ridge and Taylor's son himself, who dies.

Xander could murder Thomas on ‘B&B’

While spoilers suggest the heir to Forrester Creations may murder Xander, it could always happen the other way around, Thomas might decide to act on his impulses but a struggle could undue and The Avante's nephew kills Steffy’s brother in self-defense. “The Bold and the Beautiful” has written this newest version of Ridge and Taylor’s son as a psychopath. He is so devious that viewers would probably have no sympathy if he were murdered.

For now, however, “B&B” spoilers are giving Thomas the upper hand and he is reigning in terror. Zoe is frightened for her dad and Flo does not want to be excommunicated from the family she just found. These two are willing to do whatever the heir apparent to the Forrester throne tells them too.

The baby swap is a ticking time bomb which will be revealed during November sweeps. Viewers should buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride and plenty of surprises along the way.

Thomas becomes deadly

Last week, spoilers revealed that Vincent Walker, an associate of Thomas would come to town this summer and that he may be murdered by Steffy’s brother.

All that “B&B” fans know for sure is that someone will die and Thomas most likely will be involved. The behavior of the self-titled heir apparent has become increasingly more menacing since his return to LA. The young man who swept Sally off her feet and gave her money to save her company is long gone. It was bad enough how he left Ms.

Spectra high and dry, but now he is borderline psychotic.

CDL indicates that Thomas may attack Emma this week so it’s possible she may be the murder victim. Justin’s niece is not a regular on the show, this may be a way to write her out. Soap Dirt indicates that Ridge and Taylor’s son will continue spiraling out of control as he tries to manipulate everyone. “The Bold and the Beautiful” writers are building the suspense as loyal fans count down to November sweeps, so be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts as they become available. Continue watching the LA action weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST on CBS.