"The Bold and the Beautiful" executive producer Bill Bell promised there would be a death on the show this summer, related to the baby switch. Spoiler alerts suggested that Zoe, Xander, or Emma could be murdered by Thomas. On Friday, Ms. Barber was headed to tell Hope, that she found out that Beth is still alive. Thomas went after her and ran her vehicle off the road. It would be easy to infer from this that Justin's niece died, but there has been no advance confirmation. Soap Dirt and Soaps She Knows both say the Forrester Creations employees will be in shock and mourning, but do not mention who they are grieving for.

All indications seem to point to Emma, but viewers must wait until next week to find out for certain.

‘B&B’ may have axed Emma

”The Bold and the Beautiful” has a pattern of underutilizing characters, even though fans love them. In recent months, storylines have been basically about the baby switch and viewers have seen little of Pam, Charlie, Sally, and Emma. There is never an explanation, for why people just disappear and some never reappear or are spoken of again. Emma Barber was dating Xander last summer and involved in the last Forrester Fashion Show, but lately has basically been nonexistent. Now she may be collateral damage and axed from the show.

"B&B" spoilers revealed that someone who knows about the baby swap was going to die.

Zoe, Flo, Shawna, Thomas, and Xander have known for a while and bicker back and forth about revealing the truth. Last week, Emma overheard a discussion about Phoebe being Beth and on Friday, took off in her vehicle to warm Hope. Thomas had tried to reason with her but she refused to listen, so he chased her and ran her off the road leaving a true Friday cliffhanger.

Spoilers say there will be sadness and shock among those gathered at Forrester, which suggests the person who dies is one of their own.

'B&B' becomes more mysterious

The Bold and the Beautiful” has chosen to portray Ridge and Taylor’s son as a psychopathic possible murderer which will deepen the mysteries that need to be solved.

Will Thomas stop and call 911 or drive off? If Emma dies, will Zoe and Xander figure out what happened and if they do, will they remain silent out of fear for their own lives? If Justin’s niece survives the crash, will Thomas kill her later, or is there someone else who will die? Soap Dirt indicates that Pam will begin snooping because she knows something is wrong. Her life may be in danger if she gets to close.

“B&B” spoilers could be spot on that Emma dies, but as this has not been confirmed, loyal viewers will just have to wait. Be sure not to miss Monday’s episode because it will certainly be exciting. Keep reading spoilers to find out in advance what’s going on with your favorite characters. You can enjoy all the LA action each weekday afternoon on CBS at 2:30 PM EST.