"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" aired last night and we saw Laura's segment. Fans heard the news that the 51-year-old met and married Aladin from Qatar inside of nine days. In the show, a little guy named Ludwig stole the show and social media went crazy for him. For a start, he seems the only one with a head on his shoulders, and secondly, his grilled cheese sandwich started trending on Reddit. The ghastly looking sandwich not only got attention, but his jokes and attitude grabbed the fans as well.

On Instagram, people say he's the star of the show and should be on "Pillow Talk." But many people also ask "who is Ludwig?"

The '90 Day's' Laura and Aladin slot got hijacked by instant fan-favorite Ludwig

"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans learned that Laura and Aladin got married really quickly. E!News reported that "Laura, the 51-year-old from Florida, is actually married to her 29-year-old fiancé Aladin. The two got married nine days after meeting each other for the first time in Qatar." Laura broke the news to "adopted brother" Ludwing." Whether he's Ludwing or Ludwig is irrespective. Across social media, fans call him Ludwig and fans clamor for his IG account.

Over on Instagram, John Yates posted up a pic showing Ludwig and his now famous grilled cheese sandwich.

On Twitter, Reddit, and other forums, people want to know what was on his sandwich. It seems the most probable identification came in answer to John Yate's post. Apparently, it's something Canadian, but not all Canadians have heard of it. It seems that all those people who minutely examined it finally put it together.

Ludwig's sandwich and humor made fans call for him on a TLC show

It's old news already that Laura and her catfishing guy married, so Ludwigs fun to talk about. Discussing the grilled cheese sandwich he made, it turns out the ingredients identified apparently seem to be: Maple syrup, olives, and cheese.

Well, loads of people, including John Yates put up "barfing" emojis all over the place. However, some Canadians claim it's very Canadian. @Sjai** said, "as someone who has lived in a few provinces, it’s a thing lol you need to get out more. Look up ‘Bard and Banker’ it was a recipe made for national maple syrup day - very popular."

Nevertheless, it was not just the grilled cheese that amazed people. It was his jokes and demeanor. "90 Day Fiance" fans want him on TLC - preferably, with "Pillow talk." Here's what some fans said:

  • @poe**: "(To John Yates) As soon as I saw him I thought of messaging you. He’s the breakout star of this season."
  • @Sar**: "But he was Hilarious!!"
  • @Min**: "This guy is hilarious! They need him for Pillow Talk next season!"
  • @Mel**: "This makes the most sense out of everything else I see in the whole 90 days franchise."
  • @Srl**: "I loved him! He was too much!"
  • @Mou**: "loved when he said 'if I was in her shoes', 'well - I'd be taller' He's going to be a break out favorite, lol..."
  • @Sca**: "I LOVE this guy!!!"

People beg for Breakout Favorite Ludwig's IG account

Nearly everywhere you look on social media today about "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way," fans ask who Ludwig is and whether he has an IG account.

Some of them asked John Yates to get ahold of that. Instant fun, instant rising star. Ludwig - the people want you! Hopefully, TLC pays attention. Ludwig would do down just fine on "Pillow talk."

What did you think of Ludwig's humor and his really gross-looking grilled cheese sandwich? Do you think he's an instant breakout star who just stole the thunder from "The Other Way" Couples?

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