Sometimes, things don't make sense, even when presented in a nice package, with a bow. One of those things is the security footage of Nipsey Hussle's murder and the suspect. Why would authorities release grainy, barely-observable video from a store in an entirely different parking lot than the shopping complex, when there are multiple security cameras near and attached to Nipsey's store? This is directly in front of the murder scene.

Nipsey's footage: Let's paint an analogy

That would be like someone saying: "Hmm, I want Starbucks coffee." In this instance, the person is standing right outside the door of an A-rated Starbucks, with no line at the cash register.

However, instead, the person decides to walk three blocks away to another Starbucks, with a B-rating, and a line wrapping around the store. Doing something like that would make zero logical sense. Right?

Similarly, what kind of sense does it make to use footage from a skewed angle (in an adjacent parking lot), when there's a straight-line view of what actually happened via the security camera attached to Nipsey Hussle's Marathon Clothing store?

There are reportedly several cameras along the Marathon Clothing strip, according to The Blast. Matter of fact, here's a better view of two cameras directly in front of Nipsey Hussle at the time of the incident.

Yet, the one below is the footage that was released?

Seriously, people?

Nevertheless, it's reported that the shooter is 29-year-old Eric Holder. The Los Angeles Police Department released a statement identifying him as the suspect, on Monday, April 1.

According to TMZ, Nipsey's killer was found and arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, in Bellflower, California, on April 2. After which, he was handed over to the LAPD and booked at a police station in South L.A. However, the source says he will be moved to an L.A. County Jail once he's completely processed.

Updates on case

Right now, Nipsey Hussle's shooter is being held on a $7 million bond, according to TMZ. Reportedly, authorities say they believe he's the one who fired on Nipsey in the parking lot. Yet, from the public footage, none of that is for certain. While closer video of the incident would prove more graphic in nature, it would also help prove what happened to Hussle.

He reportedly had gotten into an argument with Nipsey prior to the shooting. Allegedly, Hussle kicked him out of his store for "being a snitch." But again, surveillance footage from the surrounding stores would be useful in showing what happened in earlier moments before Nipsey Hussle was slain.

Players from the Los Angeles Lakers have also reacted to the news about Nipsey Hussle's death.