Soap Dirt spoiler alerts indicate that the next few weeks on "The Young and the Restless" the discord surrounding the Newman family will reign supreme, but Skyle and Kola fans should not lose heart. Celeb Dirty Laundry promises that the love triangle will continue and there will be plenty of drama this summer for Kyle and Lola. Celeste Rosales is coming to Genoa City, and she might have to move in with one of her children. Jack's son leaving the lap of luxury to slum it for love does not even seem realistic, and the living arrangement with Rey's sister will be strained.

Summer flirting with Theo and Lola's insecurities will also cause problems.

Summer hinders Kola on 'Y&R'

"Y&R" spoilers tease that the summer months, as well as Mrs. Newman/Abbott, will interfere with Kola's happiness. CDL says Celeste will not like the fact that her little girl is living with a married man and probably will express this in no uncertain terms. Mrs. Rosales, being new in town, may need somewhere to stay. It's possible her children have not told her about their new living arrangements, so she may show up unannounced at Rey's apartment. If she has to move in with Kola, this will interrupt their blissful cohabitation.

There is also the fact that Kyle is from the wealthy Abbott clan and Lola is working class.

They travel in different social circles, and Ms. Rosales broke up with her sweetie twice because of her views on his spending habits. "Y&R" spoilers tease that the realities of cohabitating will soon overshadow the honeymoon phase of the relationship and Kola may find that instead of summer fun, they are struggling to make things work.

Kyle may choose to remain married to Summer

Earlier spoilers mention Celeste participating in a bachelorette party and suggested that Kyle and Lola were going to have a quickie wedding. More than likely it is Sharon and Rey who tie the knot because Skyle is still married. Kola is playing house, and nothing has been said on the screen about the divorce is final.

CDL teases that Summer has a few more tricks up her sleeve and will try to make Kyle jealous. Michael Mealor who portrays Kyle told Soap Opera Digest earlier this year that the "Y&R" love was not going to end any time soon and it looks like he is correct.

"The Young and the Restless" writers have Kyle and Lola blissfully happy right now, almost too much so. The obstacles that will be in their way this summer may lead to a Skyle reunion. Living over Sharon's coffee house without the luxuries of the Abbott mansion, Celeste Rosales in town and possibly moving in with them, and seeing Summer with Theo may have Kyle rethinking his decision, CDL also suggests that Lola's jealousy may get in the way so stay tuned.