Viewers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" are tired of the baby switch drama and want it ended. As the storyline creeps and crawls in that direction there are two situations worth noting. Dollar Bill Spencer is proving himself to truly be a changed man, How long this will last is anyone's guess but in the meantime, he is doing everything possible to prove to his ex-wife and young son, that he wants their family reunited. As Katie is enjoying the bliss of her dream come true, her niece is living a nightmare. Hope's situation is weighing so heavily on her mind and there are so many people in her ear.

She will soon consider her options, make the bold decision, and decide to divorce Liam.

Katie's dream comes true on 'B&B'

Soap Opera Spy indicates that "B&B" viewers are growing weary of the baby switch drama and desire to see it come to a quick resolution. In the meantime, it seems that loyal fans are enjoying a distraction related to Dollar Bill. On Friday Katie admitted to her ex-husband that she asked Shauna to try to seduce him to find out if he would give in to temptations. She was elated that he did not and told him she wanted to accept his marriage proposal. Young Will is over the moon that his parents are going to get back together and give him the life he always wanted.

Katie had been skeptical about Dollar Bill's seemingly reformed life and had to know if he were sincere.

Justin, Brooke, and Donna also were wary, expecting the old Bill to resurface at any time. They have all been pleasantly surprised to find that his toning down his bad side seems to be sticking. "B&B" viewers are also marveling at the change in the founder of Spencer Publications. While about to live her dream come true, her niece is about to find herself in a continuous nightmare with multiple layers.

Lope divorce will happen

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Steffy will return from Paris and try to convince Hope to stay married to Liam. Thomas is in the other ear pleading his case for why Brooke's daughter should be with him and Douglas. Hope had already on her own come to the conclusion that her husband should be helping Steffy raise her girls but Liam wants his carriage to work out.

He will e stunned when his spouse walks out on him. "B&B" spoilers don't say if Thomas will get the girl but only that the "Lope" marriage will end.

At some point, the truth that Pheobe is really Beth will come to light and add additional sorrow to this situation. While her aunt Katie is settling into her new life with Bill and Will, Hope will have Liam and Thomas both trying to tell her what to do. She must also deal with the guilt about Kelly and Phoebe's dad spending time with her instead of with the girls. Then to find out her dead child is alive and being raised by Steffy, will be a nightmare that will go on for some time to come. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST to find out what happens next on "The Bold and the Beautiful."