The executive producer for “The Young and the Restless” has spoken out on why he replaced Gina Tognoni with Michelle Stafford. Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Tony Morina explained his reasoning in an interview with Soap Opera Digest and takes full responsibility for bringing back the woman who originated the role of Phyllis Summers. The interview did not give much more information than fans already know and leaves viewers of the CBS daytime drama to draw their own conclusions. Gina Tognoni herself has remained pretty much silent but sometimes silence speaks volumes.

When Michelle Stafford’s scenes begin, those who watch the show can judge for themselves.

'Y&R' executive producer owns his decision

According to CDL Tony Morina says it was his decision alone to rehire Michelle Stafford for the role of Phyllis. The “Y&R” executive producer said he wants to bring back the glory days of life in Genoa City but did not give details on how switching actresses is going to make that happen. No details have been given as to a storyline but Soap Hub reveals that it will soon come to light that Phyllis is behind the Chinese knock-off company that is causing problems for Jabot Collectives.

Gina Tognoni's Phyllis has gone through Nick. Jack. and Billy has been Jabot CEO and gone up against Victor.

There are no other eligible men in Genoa City right now and her business scheme is about to be exposed. Michelle Stafford is in a front burner storyline on "General Hospital" and viewers are wondering why she decided to go back to "The Young and the Restless." Tony Morina insists that Stafford was not looking to leave "GH" and it is curious that she would just before Nina is about to find out who her biological daughter really is.

Tony Morina can't be totally transparent about 'Y&R'

In truth, Tony Morina's comments are pretty vague but sharp "Y&R" viewers know how to read between the lines. The fact that he replaced Gina Tognoni indicates there was something related to her performance he disapproved of. Fans were not complaining in record numbers abut Tognoni and neither were they demanding the previous actress come back.

Tognoni's "GH" character is in the middle of an exciting storyline so what would cause her to jump ship? What vision does the executive producer have that is so grand, that the current Phyllis does not fit the bill?

It's understandable that the "Y&R" executive produce cannot be totally transparent and must leave some things shrouded in mystery. For now, loyal fans must take him at his word, that Gina Tognoni did nothing wrong and he has a vision for Phyllis that only Michelle Stafford can fulfill. Tony Morina takes full responsibility for this situation and let's hope his words don't come back to bite him. If the viewing audience does not see things his way in time Morina will be out of a job faster than his predecessor Mal Young.