Fans are still reeling from “Riverdale” season 3 finale after Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) nonattendance in the final scene. The major cliffhanger made viewers worried that Jughead might be already dead and might not be seen in “Riverdale” season 4.

In the previous season's final episode, Betty (Lili Reinhart), Archie (K.J. Apa), and Veronica (Camila Mendes) were all seen standing around a fire, wearing only their undergarments. But where was Jughead?

The three were burning their blood-soaked clothes, while Betty also threw Jughead’s signature hat in the fire.

Did it mean Jughead is dead?

Where is Jughead?

There are theories Jughead is already dead after he is not seen in the season 3 finale. However, Vanity Fair reported it would never happen, knowing Sprouse’s character is one of the main cast and part of the core four.

Jughead’s nonappearance may mean something big is about to happen in “Riverdale” season 4. But does it also mean that somebody else is about to die in the new season?

It looks like show’s producers want viewers to think if Jughead is still alive or already dead. It is not the first time that this scenario has happened, as it always works out to make fans keep hanging.

Is Sprouse leaving the show?

The news about Sprouse and other cast members leaving the show is always in the rumor mill.

It may be impossible for the show to kill Jughead or any member of the core four.

Jughead is also the one who narrates the series, so he may stay until it ends.

Jughead may be injured and resting somewhere. He also may be fixing the mess Archie, Betty, and Veronica left after their yet-to-be-revealed activity.

Jughead’s disappearance in the season finale may be the series way to hype “Riverdale” season 4.

The showrunners seem to be taking advantage of his nonattendance to bring in more drama to the show.

Jughead may be hiding after killing Charles

A Reddit user named purplechilipepper pitched a theory that some Macbeth thing might be going on.

Jughead might go crazy and killed Charles (Wyatt Nash). He might be somewhere hiding and freaking out due to what happened.

Betty might be the one who took the lead to cover up for Jughead and asked Veronica and Archie to burn all the evidence.

Although they just met Charles in the season finale, he might be easy prey. He was also an FBI agent that could get on their way.

Despite Charles’ innocent look, he might be up to something sinister. Another Reddit user named Tea-killa theorized Charles might be working for Evernever and The Farm.

Fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet about Jughead’s fate.

Netflix has yet to announce when “Riverdale” season 4 will be out, but it is expected for release later this year.

So, teasers and spoilers about Jughead’s disappearance may be revealed soon.