Victor Newman kept his family in the dark about his second son being alive. He was traveling to Las Vegas and had hired a memory loss specialist to help his namesake while keeping his loved ones guessing about his activities. He recently returned to Genoa City and the entire town is stunned with this new development. Everyone is wary, and wondering if Nick's brother is sincere or if it is another scam. While they are all focused on what may happen next with Adam, "The Young and the Restless" spoiler alerts indicate that Victor is concealing an explosive secret.

Victor has another secret

Adam Newman is returning to Genoa City and Victor concealed the facts from his family for as long as he could, until Nikki hired Rey to track him. Now that the prodigal son is home, everyone is on pins and needles wondering what it all means. Nick is concerned that he may lose Christian, Rey questions Sharon's commitment to her former lover, and Billy is relieved about Delia's death. Spoiler alerts have revealed that Chloe, Kevin, and Chelsea are headed back to town, but "Y&R" has not revealed the secret.

It's possible that Victor Newman may have a hand in whatever takes place when Chelsea and or the Fishers come back to Genoa City. Perhaps DNA tests were tampered with and Christian is Nick's son, after all.

Adam's dad may know the identity of the person who shot him at the end of Friday's "Y&R" episode (May 17), or his secret may be something that not even the viewers are able to figure out. Whatever it is will come at a time when tensions are already high because the prodigal son is back from the dead.

Victor keeps the upper hand in Genoa City

One thing that "Y&R" fans, as well as Genoa City residents, know for certain, is that Victor Newman always has an ace up his sleeve and a rabbit ready to pull from his hat. Whenever anyone believes they have the goods on this man he pulls rank and proves he maintains the upper hand. Finding Adam alive and returning him to his family was pretty stunning, but now Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that another shocker is coming.

Soap Hub indicates that the usual mayhem will continue, as well.

There is no telling what Victor is up to, who is involved, and how it will affect his friends and loved ones. His next shocking move could be related to Newman Enterprises, it could be entirely personal, or it could be both. Also, actor Eric Brasen is elated. "The Young and the Restless" airs weekdays on CBS at 12:30 PM ET.