Shiloh Archer claims that Andrew Cain was a positive influence for him many years ago, only Drew has no recollection of his prior life. "General Hospital" spoilers have suggested that there is something damning that the Navy SEAL knows, that is locked away in his subconscious. Once revealed, the information will expose the cult leader as a scam artist and lead to his eventual downfall.

Willow recently helped Kristina get away from Dawn of Day, but Sam continues to investigate the organization's leader. Jason and Sonny are ready to take action and Spinelli is assisting them.

It could be, however, that the information locked in Drew's subconscious puts the final nail in Shiloh's coffin.

Shiloh's ulterior motive

Shiloh Archer seems to have an ulterior motive where Sam is concerned. He could be seeking revenge because she scammed his father and made off with his inheritance. He might simply see her as a devoted follower or he may be actually falling in love with her. The self-help guru has no idea that Ms. McCall is distracting him so that Spinelli and Jason can obtain incriminating evidence that will shut down his organization.

It's been a while since the cult leader questioned Drew about retrieving his memories, so perhaps he believes his secrets are safe. "General Hospital" fans know that, at some point, everything will be revealed and the Dawn of Day leader will have to pay for his crimes.

Celeb Dirty Laundry teased that Shiloh is about to make some type of confession and Soap Dirt suggested that he may get a reprieve like other Port Charles criminals.

Shiloh ay stick around Port Charles

Spoilers note that Liesl Obrecht and Franco were once villains, but now seem reformed. Julian Jerome and Sonny Corinthos also mended their wicked ways.

It's certainly possible for "General Hospital" to redeem the creepy Dawn of Day leader, but he has much to atone for first. After all, Shiloh drugs women, brands them with his tattoo, and has sex with them. Since this information is well known, it will be interesting to find out what secrets are locked in Drew's past memories.

There is likely something pretty explosive in the former Navy SEAL's subconscious, otherwise "General Hospital" would not be keeping it under wraps for so long. Was Andrew Cane a member of Dawn of Day and did he assist Shiloh in his misdeeds? Perhaps Drew simply stumbled upon some information that he was not supposed to be aware of. What is buried deep down will come to light.

Another actor has also left the show.