"Vanderpump Rules" reunion, part 2 screened and as usual, it brought heaps of drama. Of course, everyone's busy hating on James, but something more interesting emerged. Once again, Andy Cohen, playing out his "you can trust me" kind of priestly persona, managed to drag something from Brittany Cartwright. It all revolved around the season 5 rumors started by Jax Taylor. Now, it seems a rumor no more, as Brittany admitted making out with Kristen. This brings up the tally of who cheated with who.

The reunion always brings priceless reveals from the cast of 'Vanderpump Rules'

Fans of "Vanderpump Rules" often complain that the cast is really just an immature bunch of adults. Most of the time, they scream at each other and get into all sorts of complicated relationships. However, people return time after time, as it's masterfully good at drama. Mind you anything Lisa Vanderpump touches brings loads of drama and we drink it up like mother's milk. Of course, the rumors and reveals get our biggest attention.

In the latest reunion on Bravo, we revisited the scene this season, where Tom Sandoval dropped the goods to the other guys about Lala and Ariana getting woman-on-woman in the back of his car.

Notably, The Cut noted that Ariana got pretty peeved about the reveal, but later forgave him. Now, it turns out that Lala and Ariane were really a bit tight and left a bar, ending up in the back of Tom's car. Tom just wanted a beer, but they were busy making out in the back. Now, it's revealed Lala asked Tom if it was okay to get very intimate on Ariana." You can't make this up really!

What a priceless "Vanderpump Rules" reveal.

Brittany Cartwright gets her confession wrung from her by priestly Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is a master at inspiring confessionals. He's just got the look about him, that he would never breathe a word. He comes across as almost priestly in his manner. But, you'd have to be really stupid to think he wouldn't air it on his show.

Now, he coaxed something out of Brittany that we all suspected anyway. Remember back in season 5 of "Vanderpump Rules," that Jax Taylor started a rumor? He allegedly found Brittany and Kristen getting one-on-one. He said he saw Kristen doing the intimate bit on Brittany.

Of course, Jax lies a lot, so really, you never know what's true or not. However, lots of fans thought it probably could have happened. What you do with your mouth to other girls need not be spelled out in so many words, but we can imagine it. Anyway, Andy got Brittany to finally admit something did go down between her and Kristen. She said that she recalls she did make out with Kristen but said it was only some bosom touching.

As for taking it any further, she said she can't recall. And, now, in our imagination, it makes it ever so clear that it did go as far as Jax said. That's because Kristen never tried to explain it further.

Jax cheats on Brittany, Brittany cheats on Jax with a girl, 'Vanderpump Rules' cast is good at cheating

If you narrow it all down with the cheating and boys and girls doing their thing, it's mindboggling. Actually, someone finally put it together in a tweet that's kinda useful. It's a timeline of sorts, in case you're getting lost in all the reunion reveals.

What did you think of part 2 of "Vanderpump Rules' reunion?

Were you surprised to hear that Brittany admitted she made out with Kristen? Do you think she conveniently can't recall it going any further as Jax alleged?

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