The 2019 "General Hospital" Nurses Ball continues with unexpected twists and turns. Dr. Finn will have everything in place and get up the nerve to propose to Anna. Cameron goes to Josslyn's house and tells her of Oscar's last wishes, and she changes her mind about attending the annual event. As the big reveal that Willow is Nina's daughter gets closer the two women become more volatile towards each other. Things get so out of hand that Ms.Tate finally stands up to Charlotte's mother. Tings are building up to the final confrontation and by the time they realize they are mother and daughter, they will loathe each other.

Nurses Ball proposal and tribute

On Monday's episode of "General Hospital" Anna was giving a tribute to Robin at the Nurses Ball when Finn's engagement ring rolled across the stage and landed at her feet. Previews for Tuesday show the good doctor proposing but don't indicate what answer he receives. Chase has been pushing his brother to pop the question, while Robert seemed to want to prevent the doctor from marrying his former wife. Now the issue will be whether or not she says yes or no.

Josslyn decided to skip the Nurses Ball and instead watched on television with her stepsister Kristina. Meanwhile, Lucy Coe was prompting Cameron not to let her down. The teen took an Uber to the Corinthos house to encourage Joss to go back to the gala with him.

When she says no, he tells her he has a last message from Oscar and it will change her mind. She will decide to sing with Cam, the duet that was supposed to be with Oscar and it will be the highlight of the evening.

Mother-daughter fight escalates at Nurses ball

The tension between Nina and Wilow is going to escalate during the Nurses Ball.

The two women got off on the wrong foot because they disagreed about Charlotte and now the school teacher has been fired because of Valentin's wife. There will be a confrontation and Ms.Tate will finally stand up for herself. She will give back as good as she has been getting from Nina which will make the ultimate outcome more tragic.

"General Hospital" spoilers have been confirming that Willow is Nina's daughter and at some point, the truth will come out. The proof positive will be the other half of the locket that Madeline left her daughter when she died.

When the woman Nina hates produces the locket and turns out to be her daughter, they both will be in shock. In addition, will be the added sorrow of knowing that Valentin and Sasha have pulled such a hateful a con. Ms. Reeves will be estranged from to people she loves dearly and must acknowledge the woman she loathes is her flesh and blood.