Bill Bell, executive producer of “The Bold and the Beautiful” teases that some exciting episodes are coming soon on the CBS daytime drama. Villains, romance and even death the will come to the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families. Spoiler alerts suggest that Zoe and her dad Dr. Buckingham might be killed because of their roles in the baby switch. Two new characters Shauna and Flo could also be in danger or perhaps Quinn will kill Sally to keep her from Wyatt. Whatever takes place, viewers are tired of the drama related to Phoebe really being Beth and simply want this storyline to come to an end ASAP.

Villains and romance on 'B&B'

Bill Bell says there will be villains and romance coming soon and several storylines are already headed in those directions. Young Will's parents are back together and Hope may fall for Thomas once she divorces Liam. Wyatt is already trying to reconnect romantically with Flo and Quinn is reverting to her former manipulative self by trying to force Sally out of the picture.

Thomas is showing himself to seemingly be trading places with Dollar Bill. "B&B" is showing a kinder gentler version of the Spencer Publication mogul while the son of Ridge and Taylor is becoming quite devious. Justin and Donna have been spending time together so it's possible they might renew their past romance.

Zoe is changing fast and she is always threatening and bullying Flo.

Someone will die on 'B&B'

Bill Bell also reveals that death will come to a character on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Dr. Buckingham or his daughter could be the victims. Zoe's life has been threatened before because of her father's gambling debts so it's possible this time around the killers will not back off.

Reese could also be targeted when the truth of the baby switch comes to light. There is also a chance that Quinn and Shauna might work together to keep Sally out of Wyatt's way and through some mishap she is killed. Thomas is off the rails in his desire to get Hope so no one knows how far he is willing to go.

When "B&B" finally reveals the fact that Phoebe is Beth, Flo and her mom will probably be hated more than Zoe and her dad.

The Logans welcomed these women with open arms will feel that they should have come clean right away. There could be some type of altercation and Shauna or her daughter could accidentally be killed. There is always the chance that the writers will come out of the left field with something that viewers never saw coming. Bill Bell gives no hint of who will lose their life on the CBS daytime drama so loyal viewers will just have to stay tuned Be sure to also be on the lookout for spoiler alert updates.