There has been much speculation regarding Adam Newman's agenda on "The Young and the Restless," ever since he was discovered in Los Vegas. Much has been alluded to but nothing concrete has been proven. Spoiler alerts have also confirmed that Chelsea and Chloe are returning to Genoa City but no dots had been connected to the current storyline, until now. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that it will be Victor's namesake who will be searching for his wife, as well as the woman who believed she had killed him. Adam's true intentions are about to be made much clearer, as his devious plot against his family members thickens.

Adam's plans are revealed

Soaps She Knows says that this coming week on "The Young and the Restless" Adam will seek help from Victoria, but the nature of the assistance is yet to be revealed. Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, gives a little more detail regarding what the bad seed is up to. The spoiler says it will be Victor's namesake who is actively searching for Chloe and Chelsea for his own selfish purpose. The prodigal is desperate to regain the upper hand and stick it to his half brother. He wants their father to side with him in the fight for Christian.

Adam will also need the boy's mother in his corner because she will carry more weight than Victor in a custody battle. Prior to the cabin explosion, Nick's brother was content to allow him to raise Sage's son, but now Adam obviously has had a change of heart.

Prior to the cabin being blown up," Chadam" was supposed to leave town with Conner. Now that his memory has returned he seems interested in Sharon. "Y&R" spoilers have also alluded to a possible reunion with his former lover.

Adam Newman's ultimate revenge

CDL has suggested that the reason Adam will be looking for Chloe, is that she is the one who shot him.

Last week the Newman prodigal called someone on the phone and said he needed a fall guy for his shooting and he would deal with the real gunman,(or woman) himself. It's possible Chloe found out the man who is responsible for her daughter's death is alive and well and back in Genoa City. She may have been the person Adam opened his door to ho put a bullet in him, or "Y&R" is using Kevin's wife as a red herring.

In the midst of the speculation, spoilers, and rumors there are five things that "Y&R" viewers know to be true. Adam has regained his memory which includes his nature for revenge, and he needs Chelsea in order to take Christian away from Nick, Victor's namesake knows the identity of his shooter and whether or not it is Chloe, he will desire the ultimate payback for the explosion as well as the bullet. Most of all, there will always be enmity between the prodigal and his father because they are so much alike.