"Seeking Sister Wife" fans grew very divided over Ashley Snowden during the recent season of the TLC show. Lot's of that came because Ashley's into some very different religious stuff. However, it seems she fills a void for some "Sister Wife" fans. Taking to her Instagram May 22, she posted yet another spiritual post, this time about energy vampires, people, and nature.

Many 'SSW' followers think Ashley Snowden's a bit weird with her spiritual stuff

Not long ago, Ashley took to her Facebook to share a whole lot of things about the dot on her forehead, which she calls the "third eye." Plus, she spoke about her birthday and the 33 times she's been around the sun.

Back then, at the end of April, TV Shows Ace reported that she claimed "supernatural powers." Of course, skeptics, especially with the 'Savage' groups on Facebook laughed and made memes about it.

Obviously, what she said about it really sat a bit oddly with so many "Seeking Sister Wife" followers. It takes a leap of faith for most people to buy into Ashley's "clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience” powers." Plus, when she wrote about her “intuition,” “witchiness,” and “manifestation,” some people got a giggle out of it. However, she garnered loads of followers who think it's perfectly fine to have different religious and spiritual beliefs. Mind you, a lot of them also think it's fine to acquire more than one wife.

Each one to his or her own, and hey, it's a diverse world.

Energy vampires and nature with spiritually for 'Seeking Sister Wife' fans

Ashley's been a bit quiet about her spiritual and religious side lately, but she made a comeback about nature and energy. In her latest Instagram post, she shared two photos. Actually, she's snuggling up to a bushy plant.

It's quite a pretty bush though, as presumably, you wouldn't want to experience energy renewal with a cactus. Ashly captioned it with, "Renew your energy in nature, not other people."

Okay, that's not very interesting, but of course, Ashley Snowden's totally good at cryptic messages. In fact, she often writes more of her story in the hashtags.

That's where the 'energy vampire' came in. Her hashtags included, "#energy, #raiseyourvibration #nature, #energyhealing, #energyvampires, and #controldramas." It's not clear if Ashley's saying she's an energy vampire who feeds off purplish-colored bushes, or if she feels people are actually energy vampires. Anyway, it seems lots of "Seeking Sister Wife" fans got the message and they love it.

Ashley brings some 'Sister Wife' fans spiritual direction and that fills a void for some

These days, diversity and modern thinking take society away from regular religious practices. Often, that leaves a void which really becomes quite evident. In many instances, according to Psychology Today, fans sometimes almost worship TV stars.

The ‘Celebrity Worship Scale’ ranges across three levels that involve 'loving' following the intimacies of their lives, through to profound impacts. Sometimes, fans "have intensive and compulsive feelings about a celebrity." It's no wonder then, that many of the "Seeking Sister Wife" fans do find Ashley's spiritually a void-filler.

Some of the Instagram comments on Ashley's latest nature and energy post reveal many people take comfort through her beliefs. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @Thi**: "So in love [with your] energy and your family! Stay blessed! Love you guys!."
  • @Ki***: "Oooh, I love that! Thank you for sharing."
  • @ter**: "You are so beautiful and have inspired me more than you can know."
  • @In***: "nature is an energizer, my source away [from] the sound of voices & other's thoughts."

What do you think about Ashley Snowden's post about nature and energy vampires?

Do you think that if fans find she fills a spiritual void it's something to treasure? Or, like many 'Savage' group members on social media, do you think she's a bit over the top with her spiritual message?

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