Adam Newman will be returning to Genoa City on May 14, and a battle with his half brother will ensue. Both he and Nick will solicit their father to take a side in the battle for young Christian. "Y&R" viewers know that Victor has favored his second son in the past. Recent events indicate that nothing has changed in that regard. Even so, there is someone else who has the authority to make the final decision regarding who obtains custody of the little boy. His mother Chelsea is slated to come back to town and be in the midst of two highly emotional situations.

In addition to deciding who will raise her son, there may be a decision as to which Newman brother she wants to spend her life with.

Chelsea brings trouble to Genoa City

Chelsea's return to Genoa City will complicate an already confusing situation. Victor has enlisted Sharon to help Adam regain his memories. Spoilers have suggested that the two may reconnect romantically. There is also the issue of Chelsea being married to Adam and allowing Nick to raise his son, Christian. Both men may want custody of the little boy and deal with unresolved feelings for his mother. If the prodigal son falls for Sharon again this will cause problems for her relationship with Rey.

Initially, Adam was OK with Nick and Sage raising Christian as their own.

He never wanted his brother to know that he was the boy's biological father. All of this changed when Chelsea left town with Conner and told Nick the truth, which Victor was aware of all along. Now Mrs. Newman is returning and bringing trouble with her. A custody battle in addition to mixed emotions will have "Y&R" viewers wondering who will win out in the end.

Which man will be raising the little boy and who will win the heart of Victor's second son will be a rating winner.

'Y&R' intrigue will hook loyal fans

The intrigue and multiple layers to this storyline will have "Y&R" viewers glued to their television sets. They will also be divided over who should have custody of Chelsea's son.

In addition to the battle for Christian and Adam's heart, there is a third power struggle that will keep the action going. Nick and his brother will each attempt to gain Victor's loyalty. The Newman patriarch and his first born have a tumultuous relationship and never stay on good terms for very long. Victor has also shown a penchant in the past to go overboard trying to win Adam's love.

Loyal fans of "The Young and the Restless" will enjoy the intrigue and having the focus back on a core Genoa City family once more. At this point, there is no way to figure out where any of this will lead. Adam may want to raise both sons with Chelsea or allow his brother to continue to be Christian's father. Sharon may fall for her former lover again, and the feelings could be mutual. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on CBS to find out how this all plays out.