"General Hospital" is throwing a few surprises at the fans during May Sweeps. With Oscar dying just as Jordan needed a kidney, it was believed he would be her donor. On Wednesday, however, Dr. Kevin Collins indicated that he was a match, which suggests that he may be the one to save the police commissioner's life. Rebecca Budig is also scheduled to return to Port Charles. When she left her character told old Finn that she had miscarried their baby and he moved on with Anna. Now Hayden will come back with the child and cause friction in the romance with MS.

Devane. This may be just what Robert desires because he is trying to break up the couple.

Kevin may save Jordan's life

Oscar's demise began at the same time Jordan's remaining kidney began to fail, which gave the impression that the teen would save her life. Since he passed away, nothing has been said about his being a donor, and on Wednesday's "GH " episode, Kevin revealed that he is a match. This does not indicate that he will indeed be the one whose organ is utilized but it certainly is looking that way. Soap Dirt suggests Dr. Collins may want to help the police commissioner to atone for his sins in releasing Ryan on Port Charles.

Time is running out, and Jordan needs the operation ASAP. It would have been touching for Drew's best friend's son to be the donor, but all that really matters is that his wife's life is saved.

Kevin being a match indicates that Ryan is also, which could actually bring a twist to the story. Perhaps the evil twin may finally be killed and "General Hospital" writers decide it will be is kidney, that Jordan must accept or face death.

Rebecca Budig is back on 'GH'

Soap Hub is reporting that "General Hospital" is bringing Rebecca Budig back as Hayden Barnes.

The spoiler says this is a shock, but many viewers suspected she would return to Port Charles at some point Finn had to find out eventually that his child did not die, and he is a father. Ms. Barnes left town in 2017 and Finn was under the impression that she had miscarried their baby. Hayden will be returning to town with an almost two-year-old which will no doubt cause problems for her former fiancée and Anna.

This will play right into Robert's hands because he has been trying to sabotage his ex-wife's relationship for a while now. Hayden will be able to do his dirty work for him, and Mr. Scorpio can keep his hands clean. Perhaps he is even the one who convinced her to come back to town. May Sweeps in Port Charles seems promising so be sure not to miss an episode of "General Hospital."

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