Leah Messer is happy to hear the news of Jenelle Evans' exit from "Teen Mom 2." In fact, after seeing a tweet shared by Us Weekly in regard to MTV's decision to cut ties with the mother of three following her husband's killing of their dog [VIDEO], Messer shared a number of posts reacting to the news and agreed with a fan who slammed Evans and her husband, David Eason, as "monsters."

In Messer's first Twitter post, she told her fans and followers that she did not want to be affiliated with anyone who condones or contribute animal cruelty and said she is also against people who don't prevent or stop animal cruelty from happening.

"The murder of an innocent [animal's] life is sick," she explained. Although Messer said she does her best to sympathize with her former co-star, she can no longer do so and feels that "enough is enough."

Eason killed Nugget after she nipped at toddler

Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, killed their dog Nugget days ago, and on Instagram, he attempted to reveal why by sharing a clip that featured the animal nipping at his two-year-old child, daughter Ensley.

However, after sharing an image of Ensley's supposed injury, which appeared to be nothing more than a red cheek, fans lashed out at him and demanded his wife be fired from "Teen Mom 2," which was what ultimately happened.

"My heart was broken when I heard what happened to Nugget," Leah Messer continued in her second Twitter post, adding that she's been completely "overwhelmed" by the number of comments and messages she's been receiving from her online audience in the days since Nugget's killing was confirmed.

According to Messer, she would never support or condone those who expose their animals to the type of cruelty that poor Nugget faced.

Jenelle Evans has been axed from 'Teen Mom 2'

As seen in Messer's initial tweet, MTV confirmed the exit of her longtime co-star, Jenelle Evans, on May 7.

It comes over a year after the network chose to cut ties with her controversial husband, David Eason, after he went on a disturbing rant against the LGBTQ community while attempting to push his right to carry a gun on his online audience. Although many viewers of the show were hoping to see Evans axed from the series, others can't imagine it without her. After all, she's been featured on the show since its start.

While a number of cast members of "Teen Mom 2," including Messer and her former husband, Jeremy Calvert, have weighed in on her exit from the series, Evans and Eason have remained silent.

To see more of Leah Messer, and to see the last of Jenelle Evans, don't miss the remaining episodes of "Teen Mom 2" Season 9A, which air every Monday night at 9 PM on MTV.