The 2019 "General Hospital" Nurses Ball may be the setting where romance blossoms for both Jasper Jax and his teenage daughter. When Carly's former spouse walked across the red carpet, Nina was eyeing him in a way that suggested he had caught her attention. Spoiler alerts are teasing that once Valentin is exposed for lying about Sasha, that the man from down under may become the next love interest for Ms. Reeves. Jax is unattached, wealthy, and handsome. He has just enough of an edge to intrigue Nina, without the dark side of Mr. Cassadine. Meanwhile, Cameron and Josslyn have been life long friends and may now find their feelings for each other are changing.

Nina and Jax may become involved on 'General Hospital'

The "General Hospital" Nurses Ball is where the future of these four individuals may begin to change. Nina has not looked at another man romantically since her one night stand with Valentin that turned into a marriage. Spoiler alerts have already confirmed that Ms. Reeves will find out that Willow and not Sasha is her daughter and this will no doubt cause her to walk away from Mr. Cassadine for good. This is why the way Nina glanced at Jax was noticed. Once the dust begins to settle regarding the truth with Sasha and Willow, Jasper Jax may be the shoulder the broken woman leans on.

For "General Hospital" to emphasize Nina looking at Jax may be the proverbial picture that speaks a thousand words.

Perhaps this duo may get to talk to each other at some point during the Nurses Ball and viewers get to find out if there is any chemistry. Josslyn's dad came back to Port Charles to help his daughter deal with Oscar's death. He and Sonny are in a good place and Carly's is pregnant. For these reasons, Jasper won't be interfering with Mr.

and Mrs. Corinthos as in the past. Paring him with Nina would give him something different to focus on.

Joss and Cam may find love at GH Nurses Ball

Josslyn and Oscar were supposed to perform their song at the "General Hospital" Nurses Ball, but he passed away. Joss stayed home but on Monday, Cameron went to her house in an Uber and shared with her the video he made for Oscar.

On Tuesday, Cam left and Ms. Jax watched the recording alone, and she later showed up at the gala in time to catch Cam perform

Not long ago Liz's son was about to tell his childhood friend that he loves her, but young Mr. Nero's brain tumor caused him to back off. He instead became a loyal supporter of Joss and Oscar. Previews for Wednesday show Josslyn saying she cannot perform Oscar's song, but spoilers indicate that she and Cam will wow everyone with a duet. Be sure to stay tuned to "General Hospital" and find out if Cameron makes his feelings known and if in time Josslyn will realize she loves him too.