Dylan Dreyer is a vivacious, shining star among the co-hosts of the “Today” third-hour. She also gets complete respect from NBC weather veteran, Al Roker, who always includes that “she has the degree, I'm just a weather person,” when referring to Dylan Dreyer’s credentials.

Like most professional anchors, Dylan Dreyer is a pro about putting on her smile and putting her best professional front on every aspect of her daily turn in front of the camera. Last month, however, the bubbly meteorologist and mother took off her TV personality mask to speak as simply a struggling mother.

She and her husband, studio technician, Brian Fichera, bravely confided to America about their personal struggle with secondary infertility, which affects women after having a successful first pregnancy.

Dylan openly expressed her fears of “backlash” after being so open about her personal struggle, especially amidst the happy baby news for Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb. When she discovered was the reverse. She heard from hundreds, then thousands of mothers and parents in similar situations, and many others just lending a supportive word. She understands now that she has no reason for apprehension or shame, and she and her husband are most certainly not alone.

Dylan Dreyer was included among a Refinery29 panel of women from every profession, ethnicity, family, and life situation last week, and the busy mom and morning host also made time for a visit back home to New Jersey.

She gave lots of hugs to her dad, and gave customers lots of smiles at her old ice cream shop, where she worked her way through school, as reported May 20 on “Today.”

Mum is not the word

As Dylan Dreyer has learned through her journey with secondary infertility, which affects about 10% of child-bearing and otherwise healthy couples, is that “Me telling my story doesn't take away from someone else’s,” and it doesn't mean that she cannot celebrate conception for another couple.

Dylan also concurred that it can take “10 dates with a doctor” to settle on the one who feels right for each mom.

Jenna Bush Hager kept her current third pregnancy a secret from everyone at “Today” for nearly 6 months. She didn't want to be perceived as stepping on Hoda Kotb’s joy as a second-time adoptive mom with baby, Hope Catherine.

She also didn't want to hinder any honors for the departing Kathie Lee Gifford after 11 years of hosting with Hoda. Dylan Dreyer revealed her struggle on the same day that Jenna announced her pregnancy with a son.

Almost the first words out of Dylan Dreyer's mouth when she introduces her dad on her return to Manalapan, NJ were “I love you!” She followed up with a very heartfelt bunch of hugs and kisses from the grounds of her family home, the house that her father built for the expanding family. The name Dreyer is prominent at the local park, too, where her grandparents once farmed. Dylan was overjoyed that she even hugged a tree.

Tasty and true moments

The present owners were gracious enough to allow Dylan Dreyer and her dad to tour the home and travel through their memories of past years.

The closets even smelled the same to Dreyer, and a billiard table was still there, too. Dylan remembered sitting on a bathroom toilet with her feet off the ground, and there were pictures to prove it. Her dad often wanted her company, being the only girl, so he would bring her onto the roof while he worked, never worried about her safety under his loving eyes.

Dreyer remembered treasured times with her brothers on the stair steps and a classic move of catching an overhead eve and swinging herself down. She probably won't be trying that kind of thing once another baby comes along for the 37-year-old.

Everything was as fresh for Dylan Dreyer as the day she started at Jake’s Cree-mee Freeze, where she worked through high school and college.

Dreyer was even featured in an episode of “Sex and the City” with Sarah Jessica Parker. Dylan is behind the glass.

Whether it was shakes, sundaes, or special order, Dylan demonstrated that she still knew her technique for putting a perfect curl at the top of her cones. She took quite a few tastes for quality control, too.

The day ended with pizza, and it’s sure that Dylan Dreyer will pass down the loving history of her own upbringing to her son, Calvin, and his future siblings. The pizza place remains a regular family stop, too.