Death is always difficult to deal with, even on the daytime drama, but the "General Hospital" writers did an excellent job in the way they handled the final moments of Oscar Nero. Fans have been wondering when the young man would succumb to the brain tumor and on Wednesday's episode, he took his final breath. The show began with the teen asleep in bed as Jossyln read a book to him. By the end of the program, Oscar had accepted his fate and walked into the afterlife with his great grandparents, Edward, and Lila Quartermaine. Joss realizes he has died, as the song "Goodbye" was playing in the background.

Oscar bids Port Charles farewell

On Wednesday, Joss dropped the book she was reading and fell asleep as Oscar looked up and saw an older female looking at him. Longtime "General Hospital" viewers recognized the woman as Lila Quartermaine, who could only be seen from behind. She touched her great-grandson and he immediately stood up. Later at the hospital, Dr. Randolph said there had been a miracle and the tumor was practically gone. Monica shared that sometimes terminal patients get better just before they die.

Oscar decided he wanted to have a party so his family and friends gathered at Charlie's pub. The teen seemed to be glimpsing into the future as he saw Sonny and Carly with their new baby, Olivia planning a cruise with Monica and Trina, Joslyn and Cameron in their high school cap and gowns.

He also began seeing both Edward and Lila Quartermaine at random intervals as if they were waiting for him. Oscar and Joss go outside and this is when everything changes.

Oscar kisses Joss goodbye

Several times Oscar tells Joss that he wants to go home and she probably thought he meant the Quartermaine mansion. At this point, "General Hospital" viewers are probably realizing that the young man is most likely saying he wants to go to heaven.

He tells his ex that his life was short but amazing and filled with love. In the next scene, Oscar is back asleep in his bed with Josslyn reading, falling asleep and dropping the book again. In addition, other Port Charles residents who were in attendance at his party, are now in the same places they were when the show began.

Monica and Ned were at the Quartermaine crypt, Dr. Randolph and Liz at the hospital and Sonny and Carly looking at babies in the "GH" nursery. It's not likely they could have all left the party and resumed their activities so quickly, which indicates that the teen was more than likely dreaming. This time, after the book falls from Josslyn's hand, Edward is with Lila and, their great-grandson got out of bed and you can see his body is still under the cover. He walks over to Joslyn tells her he loves her and that everything will be alright. Oscar kisses her on the cheek, then walks toward Edward and Lila.

At that same moment, Oscar's parents are seated on the steps of the mansion, when Kim jumps and asks Drew, "Did you feel that?" Upstairs, Josslyn turns and looks towards the door where her boyfriend's spirit has just made an exit.

She rubs her face where he kissed her and look over at the bed. She realizes he is gone and begins to cry. It could be that the episode opening and closing with Joss reading may have been a flashback and everything in between really happened. In order to find out, stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.