"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that this week's appointments are not to be missed. Rafe will inform Nicole of an incident involving little Holly. The van in which Holly was traveling fell into a precipice and exploded. The rescuers arrived at the scene discovering the van burned out. There was no one inside, however, and the paramedics brought an empty stretcher to the ambulance. According to Soap Dirt, little Holly is not dead, despite being in serious danger. Xander and Ted kidnapped her and hid her in a secret place. Nicole is convinced that the little girl has died as a result of the accident and will vent her anger against Eric, whom she finds guilty of not having adequately protected her.

Will the two of them know the truth about what happened to Holly?

Holly is kidnapped by Ted and Xander

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that in the next episodes, Nicole will be devastated believing her daughter Holly. to be dead. Nicole will not be able to keep her pain at bay, ending a deep depression that will change her completely. The woman will manifest her despair with exasperate anger, which could get her into big trouble. However, Nicole won't be worried about herself, her only fixed thought will be about Holly and what happened to her. Rafe will warn Nicole about the frightening car accident. The rescue workers, although they intervened promptly, could not do anything to recover Holly.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it will be discovered that Holly's body will never be found. And here's the twist: according to the latest exciting "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Holly will learn that Holly was kidnapped and that the accident was just a staging. Meanwhile, Eric will try to console Nicole in vain.

The truth about Holly's fate

"DOOL" other spoilers say that Nicole will be angry with Eric, reproaching him for not protecting Holly enough. Nicole is convinced that Holly is dead and cannot imagine that she has been kidnapped by Xander and Ted. Eric will try to make Nicole understand that he has done everything to ensure Holly's good, but the woman will be unshakable.

All of Nicole's friends will stay close to her, including Brady and Maggie. Eric, however, disappointed by Nicole's attitude, will find in Sarah a good friend, ready to listen to him. Without a doubt, the weekly episodes of "DOOL" will continue to give us exciting twists. Will Nicole find out that Holly was kidnapped by Ted and Xander? Will she and Eric join forces to save Holly? Surely, Holly is scared and in danger. What will happen? We'll know with the next "Days of Our Lives" spoilers.