iZombie” returns for its final season on May 2 and kicks off with “Thug Life” which finds Liv and Clive working on a murder investigation without a body or brain. The only clues to work off of are the blood left behind and a grainy video. The episode also finds Blaine back to his old ways. Then, on May 9, the episode “Dead Lift” features Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Liv and Clive continue their investigation from the premiere episode, only this time Liv is on fitness guru brains, while Peyton doesn't get the answer she wanted when she made her request to councilman Zed (Abdul-Jabbar).

The episode also finds Major getting a thoughtful gesture from Liv when he needs it.

Major and Liv's relationship

Rose McIver shares with Collider since this is the final season events have been pretty full on while also teasing some hope with Liv and Major's relationship, sharing that her belief is that most relationships have some chaos leading into them. On if Major and Liv will work together against the government, the actor shares that the two both want what's best for their people and have a great deal of respect between them while Robert Buckley adds the two have the same goal though possibly different executions. Buckley continues with how the two sharing the same goals is what leads them to potentially being able to work together.

McIver shares how the two are more accommodating with sharing information. On the new season, Buckley shares to Syfy Wire that given everything the two have gone through since "iZombie" season four ended, this hasn't been the worst that has happened to them. McIver continues with this season feels more like the two are experiencing a healthy growth toward working together again.

Final season teases

Rose McIver teases to Collider that the zombie crisis this season has only gotten worse but through this, the humor remains fairly high. On becoming leaders, Robert Buckley shares with Syfy Wire about how Major isn't quite comfortable in his new role, especially in Chase Graves' office, as he's facing a job he didn't want and has begun to incorporate some of his own policies which aren't so rigid.

The actor goes on to tease that a big part of Major's journey this season is about figuring out a balance between what he wants and what people need. McIver shares with Syfy Wire that Liv has an interesting journey as she's someone with a bleeding heart but loving everybody isn't going to fix the brain supply shortage. The actor teases to TV Line that this season isn't about a love interest for Liv, and as the show is getting down to the wire these final episodes, it's all about business.

To Syfy Wire, Rose McIver teases some fun brains, including salsa dancing and hints about knowing a few things about the end for some characters but she doesn't know what the writers have in store for the series finale yet.

To TV Line, McIver shares about how the series finale will feel complete and thinks that fans will be satisfied as the season is being written toward an ending. McIver teases to Syfy Wire her excitement to explore Liv's family as her mother and brother come to town and how this opens up a different part of Liv to explore which will bring a vulnerability back for Liv. McIver shares with TV Line this season will provide closure to many questions such as about if being a zombie can be cured, what will Seattle look like when it's all over, and can zombies and humans live in peace. The actor teases Liv's role as Renegade will find her helping people who will be seen throughout the season and follow how these people settle into Seattle.

The actor also teases some conflict heading for the group as they're each in a different position in Seattle and describes Major and Peyton as behaving like loggerheads. The characters are all in positions of power which means they each have a hand in what will become of Seattle while Blaine will be entering a dark place and this season will explore whether or not he'll receive any comeuppance for all he's done.