At long last, good news for the hit show’s fans. Fans have been waiting to see if “iZombie” Season 4 is to be renewed. Despite modest season 3 ratings and bad critical reviews, the show still has a great chance to be renewed. It is unclear though, which characters will make it to the cut but this news means we still get to see Liv eat brains and solve various mysteries.

What to watch out for in the new 'iZombie'

Actually, a couple of days or weeks ago this show was in trouble cause a lot of CW shows have already announced comebacks and none yet for "iZombie." A lot of people speculated that it’s the end of the line for this show.

It is a good thing that show creators Rob Thomas alongside with Diane Ruggiero-Wright were able to close deals with CW and hit the green light for the show's return.

Piggyback riding with this good news is the show "The Originals," meaning all returning CW series’ have been renewed. But sad face to freshman shows "No Tomorrow" and "Frequency" which closed curtains earlier this week.

What is up with Blaine, Peyton, and Ravi?

Meanwhile, Blaine, the antagonist of the show, was put on hold due to memory loss in Season 3. Viewers are missing the old Blaine which was so evil because the new one is a lot kinder and gentle. Though he was already injected with memory serum, he is still pretending that it did not work.

So what’s up with him? He is just making things complicated, especially for Peyton. According to a recent report, David Anders said that "It's been kind of castrating, handcuffing," portraying the new Blaine.

There is no doubt that the viewers are surely interested in the love story of every character in the series. Ravi and Peyton might be able to work things out between them despite the fact that Blaine and Peyton slept together.

Probably they will need some time to repair the damage, but he will still try to work things out between them.

Actually, nobody from the cast and crew revealed to David what’s going on with his character, or if he is really just playing at not knowing. And since David Anders does not even know the progress of his own Blaine character story, then this one of the exciting things that we need to look out for in "iZombie" Season four renewal.

"iZombie" airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW network starring Rose McIver, David Anders, Robert Buckley and more. As of writing this, it is yet to be confirmed by the showrunners if the famous series has been renewed for season 4. Thus, readers are advised to take this report with a grain of salt.