One of the highlights of the "General Hospital" Nurses Ball thus far is the humorous relationship between Anna Devane her ex-husband and the man who wants to marry her. These three have an interesting love triangle going that is fascinating as it is filled with confusion and mixed emotions and intrigue. Agent Scorpio and his former wife have had a good relationship in recent years. They have a shared love for Robin and Emma and there has never been a hint of revisiting a romance with one another. Now that Hamilton Finn wants to marry Ms. Devane Robert Scorpio is all over the place.

He lost the doctor's engagement ring and put himself on the red carpet with the couple. There is no telling what is going to happen next.

Anna's engagement ring causes confusion

In recent weeks on "General Hospital," Robert has been giving Hamilton Finn a harder time than usual. Ever since Anna introduced the two men her former husband has been trying to sabotage her new relationship... She has asked him to tone it down but he can't seem to stop himself. Agent Scorpio had been holding the engagement ring that Dr. Finn decided to present to Ms. Devane but lost it. He and Mac bought a replacement but the good doc recognized it was a fraud and demanded the original. In the meantime Sonny's dad, Mike Corbin proposed to Yvonne with the sapphire and diamond jewel that Finn meant for Anna.

Last week Anna saw Robert showing the fake ring to Mac and Felicia and believed her former spouse was going to propose. She later emphasized in his presence that she was not interested in getting married again. Agent Scorpio has no idea the comment was aimed at him and probably believes Finn will be turned down. Ms. Devane does not realize that it is the doctor who wants to marry her.

and not her previous husband. On Friday Chase told his brother to propose without a ring because if he waited Anna's ex might beat him to it. The detective wrongly believes Robert has the sapphire bauble with intentions of using it. "General Hospital" spoilers indicate that the confusion will only continue during the Nurses Ball.

Robert's jealousy is evident at the Nurses Ball

As the Nurses Ball attendees were walking the red carpet on Friday Robert ran up to Anna who was with Finn. The three of them posed for pictures and some people were wondering which man was supposed to be Ms. Devane's date. Kudos to "General Hospital" for throwing a little humor into the mix. Port Charles residents have been mourning young Oscar's death as well as living with apprehension because Ryan Chamberlain may still be alive and seeing revenge.

It's not clear if Agent Scorpio truly wants a relationship with his former wife or if he is simply jealous over the fact that another man desires to marry her. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" this week to find out what stunts Robert pulls next. If Finn's ring is recovered from Mike will Anna say yes and if she does will her ex eventually accept her decision? Catch the Nurses Ball at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.