Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart” has kept its focus on the future and created storylines to include the full community of Hope Valley. This week's May 19 seventh episode, “Hope Is with the Heart” is rich with scenes and gems of dialogue that any “When Calls the Heart” fan will want to keep and treasure forever. This digital viewing era is far from the technology available to Hope Valley, but thank goodness downloads can last forever.

Chris McNally had the distinction of having his Hallmark Channel feature movie, “Sailing into Love,” opposite Leah Renee, to give fans a romantic ocean getaway on both Saturday and Sunday before the “When Calls the Heart." Portraying Lucas Bouchard, the newcomer in town makes a benevolent gesture to Elizabeth (Erin Krakow), and to the community, that completely leaves her speechless.

There are still matters of law and order to attend to, and Bill Avery (Jack Wagner), clearly, lets the townspeople know that he plans to run a no-nonsense court with swift justice as a new sitting judge. Jesse (Aren Buchholz) tries to take Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) to legal task over the underselling of his property with the oil boom, and a legendary villain is finally apprehended to face justice.

Lee and Rosemary (Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton) finally have their heartfelt talk and stay shining as Hope Valley’s most devoted couple. Elizabeth bestows the honor of parenthood on them in her own way, and Faith and Carson (Andrea Brooks and Paul Greene) face separation in their blossoming love.

For the common good and facing legality

Lucas escorts Elizabeth with him for a surprise. He presents her with the key to one of his buildings, free and clear as the site for the new Hope Valley library. She is speechless from the gesture. She replies, “I don't know what to say,” as he offers her the key. He is ready to have workers jump right in to start installing shelves.

She wants her students to feel ownership so they will be the workforce on this community cause. The touching transfer of the key is one of those keepers for “When Calls the Heart” faithful.

Robert (Jaiven Natt) takes it upon himself to start reading “The Fall of the House of Usher.” The dark tale quickly enthralls everyone, including little Opal (Ava Grace Cooper) who feels that she is no longer little at all.

Talk of ghosts becomes the kids’ top conversation, and Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller) pipes in that she knows just where a real haunted house is. She is supposed to lead just the two older boys there, but of course, Opal follows.

When they are all frightened by Allie’s playful mischief, like a rocking chair rocking without a person in it, Robert runs ahead and realizes that the other two are not behind him. He tells Elizabeth, and she and Constable Grant (Kevin McGarry) go on a search to find them. They are found, none the worse, apart from fear and Opal’s sprained arm. A serious talk ensues about how simple fun can quickly turn wrong, and Allie owns up to her part. For someone who takes being a Mountie so seriously, it surprising that Nathan Grant has such a hard time keeping up with Allie.

Still, his love and sense of family are commendable. These two have traveled a rough road.

The next morning, Allie tells Elizabeth that she knows about her grandfather being in jail, and Elizabeth confronts Nathan, who now thinks it's appropriate for himself and the teacher to be on a first-name basis. Elizabeth recommends that Nathan talk to his niece and be completely honest. He tells Allis that his father is in jail because he thought it was alright “to fool people,” and he admits that he became a Mountie “to be different than him.”

Nathan observes Lucas asking Elizabeth to dinner at his saloon after working all day at the library. She declines, and he does not push when she declares that she has to get home to baby Jack.

Lucas gives a nod to the Constable, noting that he was very aware of his presence.

Nathan plants doubt in Elizabeth's mind about Lucas’s generous motives, insisting that he is a “lover” beyond caring about the books. When Elizabeth finds Lucas still at the library late one night, she questions his intent. He answers honestly that he naturally noticed her beauty, but that he was more “fascinated by your goodness.” No woman could keep from falling to the floor hearing that, and Elizabeth trusts his contribution to Hope Valley.

Jesse tries to make his case against Henry in court for a claim of fraud in his land sale but with only the partnership between him and Lucas. Without any documented proof, Bill cannot rule against Gowen.

Clara (Eva Bourne) still stands by her fiancé. The Bill Avery court moves faster than anything on “The People's Court” so Henry Gowen still should be careful about throwing cash around. Lucas warns him in that regard.

Nathan warns Elizabeth that bad things come with Lucas Bouchard. She contends that his work makes him see only the bad in people.

Possibilities in parenthood

Rosemary is a wonder in babysitting for baby Jack, exposing him to literature, art, and music in ways no other person in Hope Valley could. Lee is equally infatuated with Elizabeth and Jack's little living legacy. Elizabeth knows how fortunate she is in having both her son and so much sheltering love around them both.

Lee finally lets Rosemary know that he is ready to listen and that they can talk about the worry bearing on his wife.

She tells him how sorry she is that she cannot bear children with the husband “who would be the most wonderful father in the world.”

Lee assures her that she is the dearest blessing to his life. “You are a gift to me every day,” he insists, also promising that whatever comes, they will face the future together. This tender exchange is another treasure in the episode.

Rosemary also confides to Elizabeth. After the search for the children is over, Elizabeth asks Rosemary and Lee to be Jack's guardians. With joyful acceptance, they agree. Elizabeth confirms to Rosemary that she absolutely can be a good mother to the precious baby. In another utterly precious scene, baby Jack (Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor) giggles joyfully on Pascale Hutton's lap as she plays his parent, proving that great acting starts young, and giving delight to millions of fans.

When a call comes in that a legendary criminal named Boone, portrayed by Bruce Boxleitner, is spotted near Hope Valley, Bill Avery insists that he has to go with Nathan Grant to apprehend this familiar foe. The two work in concert to snare their suspect. Boone gets something of a hero's welcome while coming into town, but Avery tells him that while that reception may be brief, his prison term will not be. Allie and her uncle have another talk about what constitutes being a legend, and she decides that the Constable deserves the title.

Fiona (Kayla Wallace) and urges Rosemary to design a trendsetting new line of fashion, using all-new fabrics, and the telephone operator becomes its namesake. Sales instantly start to boom.

Near the close of the episode, Faith learns that her father has suffered a heart attack, and she must travel to be with him. She calls Carson as a surprise and shares that she will be staying longer than she thought. This will be a test to the beginning relationship, but one they can withstand.

Trials make love grow strong on “When Calls the Heart.”

The previews show that before the future can proceed, some past problems have to be handled, but that all has to wait for next week.