Tuesday during the "General Hospital" Nurses Ball, Hamilton Finn proposed to Anna Devane and she said yes. Their joy, however, will be short lived and they may not make it to the altar. Hayden Barnes is scheduled to return to Port Charles with the doctor's love child in tow. Liz Weber's half-sister left town in 2016 and later said she had miscarried her unborn baby. Viewers, however, saw that she still had had a baby bump and realized she would probably return to her baby daddy some day and it looks like the time is now. There is also a question of whether or not Robert has a hand in the drama and heartbreak that is about to come.

Robert may have brought Hayden back

"General Hospital” spoilers have not yet revealed why Finn's ex is returning to Port Charles. She may have simply decided it's time for the doctor to meet his child. Perhaps Liz notifies her sibling that her former beau is engaged to another woman or maybe Robert Scorpio has set the whole thing up. The WSB agent has been harassing Finn since day one, but on Monday conceded and gave his blessing on the engagement. He may have truly been sincere or the WSB agent may be biding his time until Ms. Barnes shows up.

Anna told her former husband that she loves him but is in love with Dr. Finn and Robert said he understood but does he? There is no way at this present time to figure out what agent Scorpio's true motives really are so "General Hospital" viewers will have to wait and see if agent Scorpio tips his hand, or not.

Whether he is behind Hayden's return or not there is one thing that is a fact. When MS, Barnes returns, with Finn's son or daughter, Anna will need a shoulder to lean on. Robert will make certain that he is there for her.

Hayden has agenda on GH

Hayden Barnes showed herself to be a con artist when she was previously in Port Charles.

She probably has some angle she is working this time around as well. Finn will be stunned to find out he has been lied to for over two years and there will be a lot of friction. Perhaps now that “General Hospital” is revisiting Hayden’s misdeeds they might clear up a few other loose ends. Sean is in jail for a crime he did not commit and Ms.

Barnes knows it.

Should that truth come out it would implicate Nikolas Cassadine which would ignite the rumors that Tyler Christopher, as a replacement, will redirect the Cassadine prince on “General Hospital.” In the meantime enjoy the antics of Robert and Finn who both care dearly for Anna. Be on the lookout for spoilers to announce Hayden’s first airdate and if she stops the wedding. Be sure to continue keeping up with your favorite Port Charles residents weekday afternoons. “GH” airs at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.