On "The Young and the Restless," Rey and Sharon have worked hard to overcome obstacles to their relationship. The J.T Helstrom case is behind them, there is a sort of harmony with the Newmans, and Arturo and Mia have left town to raise their child together. Unfortunately, this couple has an entirely new set of problems coming their way, and they all will stem from one man. Someone will hire detective Rosales to keep tabs on Adam and Sharon will be outraged. Add to this her conflicted emotions and the manipulative nature of Victor's namesake and viewers realize this is probably the beginning of the end for "Shey."

Sharon Rey Adam love triangle possible on 'Y&R'

Ever since Victor enlisted her help in getting Adam to remember his past, Sharon has been dealing with complicated thoughts and feelings.

Soap Dirt teases that a love triangle might be brewing and there is the chance Rey might be the loser. Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that detective Rosales needs to work, and the Newmans are pleased with the way he found out Victor's secret regarding Adam. One of them is going to hire Rey to keep tabs on the returned prodigal, and when Sharon finds out, she will be livid."Y&R" spoilers suggest this might lead to the end of 'Shey".

Adam regained all of his memories on Tuesday's "Y&R" episode, so Sharon actually has no reason to continue helping him. She obviously will not like the fact that her former inlaws want Rey to spy on the Newman black sheep, and this may cause her to become protective of her ex.

She has no idea that along with remembering his past, the manipulative nature returned as well.

Mystery person hires Rey infuriates Sharon

Celeb Dirty Laundry implies that the person who hires Rey to spy on Adam has not yet been revealed. The spoiler does suggest four possibilities Nikki would be the logical choice since she was pleased with the way the detective came through for her in Los Vegas.

Victoria and Nick are suspicious of their sibling and Billy is filled with rage and distrust of his former brother in law. There is one more person who just might want to keep tabs on the troubled son that "Y&R" spoilers did not suggest, and that would be Victor.

When the Newman patriarch showed up in Los Vegas, he told Rey and Sharon how impressed he was with their detective work.

Victor loves his son and is glad to have him back in Genoa City, but that does not indicate that he trusts him. No matter who hired detective Rosales, he chooses to take the job and put his relationship with Sharon at risk. Stay tuned to find out who employed Rey and whether this spells the end of "Shey." Catch the "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.