It's no wonder why millions of “Today” viewers love hosts like Sheinelle Jones and her third-hour counterparts. Another “Today” favorite is Jenna Bush Hager, who just took over her fourth-hour hosting duties about a month ago. She has hardly seen Hoda Kotb since the arrival of her second adopted daughter, Hope Catherine, but there's just a little more of her maternity leave left.

“Today” ladies are famous for telling it like it is with life, no matter the millions watching. Whether it's because of motherhood or simply following the morning show’s tradition, the truth comes out for everyone, and it's usually on camera.

Sheinelle Jones is an accomplished, veteran broadcaster. This week, she was moved to tears as she revisited her Wichita, Kansas high school, hugged teachers, and even jumped in on cheerleading routines.

What has never been revealed about Sheinelle Jones until this morning, May 22, is that the broadcaster and busy mom is an absolute germaphobe. A single sip from her work sister, Dylan Dreyer's mug made her go into a panic attack. That extreme response launched Al Roker into a revelation of the most germ-ridden places anyone can touch.

In the next hour, Jenna Bush Hager and Natalie Morales had to face their public shaming from social media for misspelling “publicly.” Hager could certainly be forgiven in attributing the faux pas to “pregnancy brain,” with only a few months to go before her son arrives, but she quickly commended another mother, Amy Schumer, for her peek at the realities of breast pumping and still belting out her comedy on stage while taking care of baby at home.

Being a mother and still being in a career do not preclude each other.

More than a shriek

When Sheinelle Jones accidentally sipped from Dylan Dreyer's mug yesterday afternoon, she let out more than a stunning shriek. Meaning no disparagement of her colleague, Sheinelle admitted that she is beyond being “a germ freak.”

She has, on occasion, drank after one of her own four children, but prefers separate containers for each member of the family at all times.

Jones elaborated that she felt she was a kindred spirit with Howie Mandel, and even once pulled him aside during an interview to ask how he handled his germ aversions.

Seizing the opportunity, Al Roker provided a few places known to be dirtier than a toilet seat. Tops among them were public playground equipment, which Roker called, “public toilets for birds,” and ridesharing services, which have been tested to contain more contaminants than public taxis.

The average smartphone may also be well within the 50% that test positive for fecal matter.

Sheinelle Jones could laugh about the germs today, but yesterday in the “Today” control room was a different situation entirely when she declared that it felt like she “drank spit.”

A scolding and a malfunctioning pump

Jenna Bush Hager took scolding from husband, Henry when she got home from her “Today” shift after misspelling “publicly” on the air. The former teacher also took some heat on social media. Natalie Morales did point out that Merriam-Webster considers the spelling as “publically” to be alternative.

It didn't take long for Jenna Bush Hager to know moms and expecting moms have a lot to juggle in daily life.

From there, it wasn't long until she mentioned the mom-shaming that came to Amy Schumer for coming back to the stage a bit too early, according to some. “Leave Amy Schumer alone,” Jenna pleaded. She described how every mother has to find her own balance. She pointed out the response from Schumer, showing her breast-pumping.

Hager remembered one very long day after her daughter, Poppy, was born. She had already committed to an important speaking engagement a year earlier and planned to fulfill her maternal duty discreetly on the plane under a blanket. Unfortunately, the breast pump Jenna brought malfunctioned. She arrived at the designated stage with a uniquely heavy load and a baby who needed to eat.

With understanding help, she was taken to a Babies R Us, where she got to rent a working breast pump and solve the problem.

Even on “Today,” motherhood can be a struggle. No matter the issue, honesty always helps to solve any problem.