Ingo Rademacher has returned to "General Hospital" and on Thursday. his character Jasper Jax told Alexis Davis that he is back in town for good. Now, spoiler alerts tease that his bad boy sibling might be coming to Port Charles as well. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Jerry may show up, and both of Lady Jane's sons may have a connection to Valentin Cassidine. The Ryan Chamberlain storyline is wrapping up and everyone is trying to get their lives back on track. Jerry showing up, just as things are beginning to settle down would be a wonderful way to have the drama to continue and keep everyone on their toes.

'GH' viewers would welcome Jerry to Port Charles

Jerry Jax is the person "General Hospital" viewers love to hate. He is dastardly, selfish, and evil yet has an infectious charm. Lady Jane's bad boy son has returned from the dead several times and his showing up in Port Charles at this particular time would put him in the middle of several intriguing storylines. Soap Dirt indicates that Julian may be heading back to the dark side and if true, Jerry may find himself in Mr. Jerome's crosshairs. Julian may deal harshly with the man who broke Alexis' heart and put Sam's life in danger more than once.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Jax has a past with Valentin and that perhaps Jerry does as well.

This would cause quite a lot of intrigue as secrets come to light regarding Jasper, his brother, and the current Cassadine heir. Sonny and Jason would also be on guard if Lady Jane's bad seed showed up in Port Charles. Sonny is already uneasy with Josslyn's father settling down once more in Port Charles. If CDL spoilers are correct, the Jax brothers will keep things pretty interesting on "General Hospital" and fans will welcome the drama.

The Jax brothers would liven up 'General Hospital'

On Thursday, Jax told Alexis that he was back in Port Charles to stay. He purchased Crimson and now is Nina's boss and wants to own the house that is next door to Sonny. If Jerry shows up, trouble will naturally follow. He would be a wonderful distraction and interfere with whatever his sibling has planned.

Earlier spoilers teased that when Nina finds out that Valentin lied about Sasha, she and Jax may become a couple. If Jerry shows up, Ms. Reeves could fall for him instead.

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt both promise to update spoilers for "General Hospital" as soon as new information becomes available. Jax is already livening things up, so just imagine the possibilities should his neer do well sibling comes back to town. The volatile relationship between the brothers, plus the ire of most everyone in town will be must-see TV. Continue watching the action in Port Charles each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.