Fans of “Today” know that Dylan Dreyer, the third-hour co-host and meteorologist of the longest-running morning show on television, is willing to take on challenges. From the silliest skill to the most serious, she puts herself into the thick of any subject that she covers. Dylan Dreyer surprised her cohorts, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, and Craig Melvin by wearing one of the frilliest hats for her Kentucky Derby duty. This morning, (May 31) she outdid herself again, accepting a food challenge that Al and Sheinelle found distasteful, but one that left Dylan licking her fingers.

However tasty that endeavor was, Dylan Dreyer moved on to another cause very close to her heart. Her support for the Challenged Athletes Foundation is no secret, and she has a very personal connection to their cause. She exuberantly shared how she spent her evening last night, and how another inspiring guest had an unexpected new fan.

Not shy about a little gobbling

Al Roker just happened to have one of his surveys handy, citing that many Americans didn't find it unseemly to finish off remaining meat on a bone from a pork chop or chicken leg belonging to another table guest. Dylan totally agreed, commenting on how she often finished off such leftovers.

The next thing the hosts saw was a platter of Al Roker’s tasty smoked ribs (which he promised earlier in the week).

The resident chef on “Today” first let Sheinelle chomp down on the prized pork, then he gave Dreyer her chance. In record time, Dylan Dreyer cleaned the delicacy down to Sheinelle’s bone, not leaving a shred.

The tone and topic of the morning then went from tasty to triumphant.

Going above, beyond and onward with life

Without even needing a napkin, Dylan Dreyer seamlessly transitioned to how she spent Thursday evening.

For the fourth year, Dreyer was the speaker for the Challenged Athletes Foundation annual gala. The co-host shared a few personal photos from the event, and one very special pose with her brother, Mike.

Dylan looked dazzling in her white jumpsuit, but her joy in being beside her brother was most beautiful.

Dreyer gushed with delight as she related that her brother had called the evening “the most inspiring night of my life.” Mike served in the Air Force but lost his right leg in an accident after his service.

He has also participated in events with the Wounded Warriors. Still, as Dylan related, any person dealing with his situation “has their ups and downs,” and some days are easier than others.

Dylan Dreyer and her brother found inspiration in a feature story that Dreyer did with guest, Lauren Wasser, a model, and a double amputee, on May 31 for the segment, “Every Body,” on “Today.”

The sought after model lost nothing of her chic factor when she walked out with her two gleaming gold prosthetics, made by Ossur Prosthetics, for whom she is a proud spokesperson. She will have gold blades when she runs in the next New York City Marathon, too.

Wasser contracted toxic shock syndrome in 2012. The condition is associated with the use of tampons and began with symptoms much like the flu, but quickly progressed to life-threatening infections.

The lovely and lanky blonde was in unending pain. “I felt like my feet were burning,” she describes. Her right leg was amputated first. Although her left leg was spared at the time, Lauren never really regained full use, since the heel was partially gone and toes were missing.

Last year, Wasser underwent the amputation of her left leg, and now describes the process as “giving me my freedom,” while the first was to save her life. She embraces her life fully as an amputee now, mentoring younger amputees and promoting products like her prosthetics that have been life-changing.

She is moved to tears by messages thanking her for “showing your legs in shorts,” and dispelling stereotypes for amputees while amplifying every aspect of a full and independent life.

Wasser was given only a 1% chance of survival when she first entered the hospital, and now she graces national and international magazine covers. “These are my trophies and my strength,” she said of her golden limbs to Dylan Dreyer.

The spirit of this athlete and all of those recognized by the Challenged Athletes Foundation has been tested by fire, and still gleams.