Willow Tate's life continues to become increasingly tangled in an ever-growing web of deceit on "General Hospital." Now that her pledge to Shiloh has been returned, there are four other people who will shape her future. Both Michael and Chase have decided to be her knights in shining armor, while she must deal with the way the woman who raised her allowed the cult leader to abuse her. It's also looking more and more like the woman who hates and stalks her is going to be her birth mother. When the truth is revealed that her baby died, and Wiley belongs to Michael and Nell, this might just send her over the edge.

Willow's life is utter chaos on 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" has given Willow a life that is complicated, complex, and confusing. The school teacher was tattooed to prove she belonged to Shiloh's "Trust" and ran away to Port Charles when she realized she was pregnant by the cult leader who molested her. Willow believes Wiley is her son and Michael loves the boy he thinks is his godson. They will soon find out that Wiley is the child Nelle gave birth to and Michael is his biological dad. In the midst Nina has done everything she can to express her dislike for the school teacher who she will soon find out is the daughter she gave birth to.

Chase is trying to have a romantic relationship with Ms.

Tate But seems to be competing with Michael for her time. Harmony who raised Willow had gone back to Beecher's Cornets But there is no way of knowing if she will stay there. Somewhere out there is the locket half that proves the school teacher is Nina’s child. This will turn both their worlds upside down as the women seem to hate each other.

“General Hospital” spoilers have not indicated how long it will be before the truth comes out, but fans hope it is soon.

Willow and Nina will be in shock

Michael will be livid when he realizes that Nelle and Sasha both lied to him and he may develop a deeper bond with Willow. Both of them being duped may draw them closer and Chase may be the odd man out.

Both the school teacher and her birth mom will be in shock and disbelief and Nina may even accuse Willow of trying to scam her. Ms. Tate might decide she will never accept Charlotte’s stepmom as her birth mother. “General Hospital” has set this up to be really messy with a lot of hurt feelings.

Shiloh manipulated Willow, Harmony let her down, and Nina is a nightmare. Michael and Chase are on her side but only one of them can be a love interest. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers to stay on top of this tumultuous storyline and keep watching ”General Hospital” each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. As nasty as Nina has been, she deserves everything that comes her way but Willow deserves so much better.