george clooney is an accomplished actor and “Oceans 11” was one of his most memorable Movies. The 58-year-old actor is now a director for his latest project “Catch-22.” It is an adaptation of a 1961 novel of the same name by Joseph Heller. It stars Christopher Abbott and Hugh Laurie and premiers on Hulu May 17.

George is in London to promote this miniseries, which is a six-part military tale. He is the producer, will direct the first two episodes and will appear in the role of Lieutenant Scheisskopf. Early reviews of “Catch-22” are favorable and it could take the fancy of the audience because it is a military tale, which is rare nowadays.

Daily Mail UK reports George Clooney has dropped hints that while in London, he could meet up with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and say ‘hello’ to the newborn Archie. The Clooneys are close friends of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Incidentally, George Clooney has joked that Archie has ‘stolen his thunder’ because both were born on May 6.

George on being a godfather

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that there are doubts on whether George Clooney would agree to be a godfather to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. That is the name given to Harry and Meghan’s son.

He was born earlier this month. On an earlier occasion, George had indicated his unwillingness to be the child's godfather. George has 23-month-old twins of his own and during a recent appearance on a popular TV show, he said - 'That would be a bad idea. I shouldn't be the [godfather]. I'm a father of twins I can barely do that.' When pressed, he reiterated his stand.

Close bonds between the Clooneys and the Royal couple

According to Express UK, Amal Clooney was present with husband George at the premiere of “Catch-22” held at The Vue cinema in Westfield, London. The Clooneys had attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May 2018 and have been close friends for a while. Later, in February last, Amal Clooney was one of the guests at Meghan’s baby shower held in New York.

It was a costly affair and Meghan and Harry were criticized for such lavish spending. Anyway, The royal couple had also visited George and Amal, at their Lake Como home last summer. They are parents to twins who will turn two in June.

Right now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are searching for some godparents, and the names of George Clooney and wife Amal have been in contention for a while. The families share a good rapport and at times, George had talked about the social media and its attitude towards Meghan, an American actor who became a member of the British royal family. However, they have not yet confirmed their acceptance. It remains to be seen whether Harry and Meghan can convince them to change their minds.