Even though throwing baby showers is not traditional in the UK, Meghan Markle is American, and she chose to celebrate the upcoming birth of her and Prince Harry's child at The Mark hotel in New York City.

Some of her closest friends, including Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, Misha Nonoo, Jessica Mulroney, and Gayle King, attended the party. They took some gifts with them, of course, including a cot and pink roses.

Those around the hotel when the celebration took place pointed out that dozens of floral arrangements, a harp, a cotton candy machine, and several other decorating items were brought into the building.

Apart from all the baby shower-related expenses, Meghan and her friends had dinner later that day at The Polo Bar, the restaurant owned by the famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

The money Meghan approximately spent

Even though it is hard to know the exact amount of money spent during the five-day trip to New York, the number is believed to be close to $500,000.

As expected, the Duchess wore several fancy outfits during her time across the pond. In total, she allegedly spent about $11,000 only in her clothes.

The reaction Meghan caused in social media

When people learned how much money Prince Harry’s wife spent in just five days, they expressed their disapproval in social media, calling the Royal couple “hypocrites” as they are anti-poverty advocates.

One aspect addressed by their detractors was that Meghan chose to fly in a private jet, which causes a “huge carbon footprint.” Instead of doing so, the Duchess could have got on one of the many commercial flights that go from the UK to the US on a daily basis.

Some even complained because the money she spent on her clothes is almost a third of what most people in the UK earn (nearly $35,600).

No family invited

Another topic that raised some eyebrows about the baby shower was that the Duchess didn’t welcome any member of her family.

Not even her mother, Doria Ragland, who is the only member of her close family with whom she has a good relationship, was present at the event.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Meghan’s sister-in-law, didn’t show up. Princess Beatrice, who is currently based in NY fulfilling her role as Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy at Afiniti, was not invited.

At the moment, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are focused on their Royal engagements and are ready to welcome their first child to the world, who is expected to be born this Spring.