An upcoming installment of the DC Extended Universe is set to be "The Batman." Originally, Ben Affleck was to direct and produce the movie, as well as play the title role. He had previously played Batman in three Movies within the DCEU.

Since then, production has been delayed multiple times. Affleck got dropped, initially only as director, but later in any role altogether. Matt Reeves has since been tapped to helm the film as director. Reeves' film credits include the "Planet of the Apes" franchise. Now, a front-runner has emerged to take over the role.

Robert Pattinson considered the favorite to succeed Affleck

English actor Robert Pattinson is the frontrunner to replace Affleck as Batman, as per Uproxx. Pattinson is best-known for his roles in "The Twilight Saga" and the "Harry Potter" series. He has also worked with a familiar name to Batman fans, Christopher Nolan in an untitled upcoming project. Pattinson's credits also include a string a independent movies.

Pattinson would seem to fit the bill for what Reeves reportedly wanted. Rumors had long been circulating that Reeves wanted the movie to focus on a younger incarnation of Batman. He has also indicated that it would be an 'almost noir-driven, detective' version of the character. However, it hasn't been specified as to what the storyline would be.

Most likely it would be a prequel or it would feature a character aside from Bruce Wayne as Batman. The film is currently scheduled to be released in 2021.

Fan' reaction to Pattinson's possible casting has been largely, though not completely, positive. Speculation first seriously began about Pattinson as a possible Batman in 2018.

Members of the public broached the subject on the Internet.

It may not be a totally done deal yet, however. A clear second choice for the part has also reportedly been named. Nicholas Hoult, also an English actor, is apparently also in the running. Hoult's credits include the "X-Men," "Mad Max: Fury Road," and "Tolkien." USA Today reports that other actors that had been considered were Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Pattinson may not be the only 'Twilight' star headed to the DCEU

Robert Pattinson might not be the sole former "Twilight" headliner to join the DC Extended Universe. In fact, he might not be the only one to join the 'Bat Family'.

Pattinson's friend and former girlfriend and co-star, Kristen Stewart is a familiar name to DCEU fans. She was a finalist for the role of Lois Lane during pre-production of "Man of Steel." The part eventually went to Amy Adams, who has appeared in two more films as the iconic character.

For several months, speculation has been ripe that Warner Bros. wants Stewart to take the role of Batgirl. Work on a Batgirl movie had started and then stalled. At one point, production was scheduled to begin in 2018. The character hasn't been announced as part of the "Birds of Prey" movie, currently scheduled for a 2020 release. Stewart's name has also been attached to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past.